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services Running a hotel involves more than just booking rooms – for starters, there's equipment to buy, cleaners to find and functions to arrange SAY 'WE DO' TO HOSTING WEDDINGS There’s more gold in a marriage ceremony than you’ll find in the rings; approach the lucrative wedding market correctly and you could be sitting pretty… F or the happy couple, a wedding is (supposedly) the best day of their lives. For a hotelier it is an opportunity to generate a very appetising profit. Satisfying both those requirements isn’t necessarily easy, but getting one’s wedding proposition right and establishing a reputation as a “go-to” venue of choice for receptions could radically improve the fortunes of any hotel of the right size and nature. PHOTOGRAPHY: Getty Images, Shutterstock SIZE MATTERS The fi rst step towards this promised land is to make a brutally honest assessment of the appropriateness (or otherwise) of your establishment as a wedding destination. Top of the agenda here is capacity: simply put, are you big enough to host a wedding party of any noteworthy size? (By this we mean for dinner and subsequent entertainment rather than just in terms of rooms available, as the number of people attending a wedding party invariably greatly exceeds those who end up staying the night at the venue.) Remember, ‘big enough’ isn’t just limited to physical space; do you have the staffi ng, kitchen, bar and sanitary resources (or access to them) necessary to satisfy the needs of such large parties? If not, don’t pretend otherwise – the wedding-venue market is a crowded and competitive one (and certainly not just limited to hotels) and you might end up wasting a huge Mandarin Oriental, London THE HOTEL INSPECTOR 97-99 weddings.1stProof.indd 97 097 3/1/13 10:58:07

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