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global The hotel trade isn’t just a national concern: there’s a lot to learn from the rest of the world, too… 3 business TRAVEL GADGETS ON THE MOVE GO GLOBAL POWERFREAKZ EVOLUTION 3000 PORTABLE CHARGER £39.99 Portable power for all your gadgets with this solar and mains-powered battery. Check out our handy tips to attract international travellers 1 Remember the bare business necessities. Travelling professionals of course want to enjoy the finer things in life – but more important than any amount of luxury is the ability to do their jobs, and this ability depends on your own provision of their basic needs. Make sure rooms – and communal areas – have plenty of powerpoints and WiFi as standard; build in a business suite for those without their own devices for whatever reason. Have some kind of private meeting facilities; also a good dry-cleaning connection. And remember the importance of a good breakfast! 2 Get smart with marketing. The international travel market is lucrative but highly competitive and it’s easy to blow huge sums marketing with glossy publications and the like which might not actually offer anything concrete. Try a more nuanced client acquisition approach: for example, team up with major businesses in your area, and organisations like conference providers and airlines, to offer packages aimed specifically at their clients and partners. Also remember that business-focussed clients are often shorter-term guests so tailor marketing collateral – and your costs and budgeting – accordingly. You might not want to trumpet your location’s delightful hiking opportunities but highlighting good bars and restaurants nearby could work wonders. On the other hand, longer-term holidaymakers will almost certainly want to see a great deal more of the area so show it off in all its glory… 3 Don’t forget the kids. Family holidays can be one of life’s great joys – but even the most devoted parents could do with a break now and then, so you may consider offering crèche facilities – or even teaming up with a specialist such as the Worldwide Kids Company, which provides childcare facilities and management, offering qualified professionals who can look after your younger guests while Mum and Dad get some much-needed R&R. If you have no existing childcare facilities this could be an excellent way to improve your hotel’s appeal – and revenues – without breaking the bank with up-front installation and ongoing hiring costs.  SCATTER BRAIN WHISTLE KEYFINDER £2.99 Just whistle and your keys will flash and beep noisily until you successfully locate them! FLYING HIGH DIGITAL LUGGAGE SCALES £10.99 Pack your bag, attach it to the scale and pick it up - the display will tell you the weight of the bag. THE HOTEL INSPECTOR 117 business travel FINAL.indd 117 117 9/1/13 15:37:53

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