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energy Going green is something hoteliers admire but may hesitate to put intostyle practice. Yet the benefits can be economic as well as ecological… Fuel of the Future Bioenergy can be cheap, convenient – and it might just save the planet, too. Here’s our handy Q&A to put you in the picture… q What is bioenergy? A) Bioenergy is the energy contained in biomass – biological material – in the form of carbon. q What are the most common atmosphere. It is also sustainable in the sense that it can be grown relatively quickly and harvested, or can be taken from by-products of other activities that would otherwise go to waste. forms of biomass used to produce bioenergy? q How can I incorporate bioenergy A) Wood chips or pellets; forestry thinnings; waste A) Biomass boilers such as those supplied by material from agricultural production; refusederived fuel (RDF) from household, agricultural or industrial waste. Imperative Energy ( are able to provide a wide range of heating outputs from small-scale to industrial requirements. Your hotel’s entire heating requirements can be satisfied by a single biomass boiler. Larger installations are also used to generate electricity. q How is the bioenergy produced from biomass? A) Through either combustion (the biomass is PHOTOGRAPHY: Getty Images burnt); gasification (the biomass is heated to a high temperature and then reacted with oxygen to turn it into a gas); or pyrolysis (in which the biomass is heated to an extremely high temperature but not burnt). q Isn’t that bad for the environment? A) Biomass is carbon-neutral: unlike fossil fuels in which the carbon being burnt has been out of the atmosphere for millions of years, the biomass producing bioenergy has taken carbon from the atmosphere comparatively recently and is only releasing the same amount of carbon back into the into my hotel’s energy strategy? q What other benefits might I get from bioenergy? A) As sustainability becomes a higher priority for consumers, being able to demonstrate that your hotel has adopted such solutions could prove a competitive advantage in terms of attracting more environmentally aware clients – especially if you can demonstrate the provenance and sustainability of your fuel. Moreover, in the long term the only way for fossil-fuel prices is up. Getting ‘off-grid’ for as much of your energy requirements as possible could be a great way of hedging against gas and oil price increases. The bottom line is more profit for your hotel.  the bio maize Running a vehicle on old vegetables sounds like something out of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, yet it's actually a reality. To make bioalcohol, yeast and bacteria are used to break down the starch in crops such as corn and turn it into fuel. This miracle energy could solve the world's oil shortage. The only big concern is that it takes land to grow the cereal – land that otherwise would be used to produce food. THE HOTEL INSPECTOR 89 Energy bioenergy.1stProof.indd 89 089 7/1/13 12:36:52

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