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cuisine GREEN CUISINE Hotel kitchens are energy- and profit-guzzling divisions; upping your green catering credentials could prove beneficial for your bottom line (and the environment) A nnual energy costs for the hospitality sector stand in excess of £1.3 billion each year. Indeed between 4 and 6% of operating profits are accounted for by energy. The kitchen is one of the prime perpetrators of energy wastage within hospitality: take cooking equipment for instance where 65% of energy will be lost through the extraction canopy as convected heat, 30% will enter the kitchen area as residual heat, with only 5% retained in the food being cooked. It’s of no surprise then that saving energy in the kitchen can have a direct impact on revenue and profitability of hotels, and their catering functions. And the establishment of greener ways needn’t be an arduous task: implementing simple measures such as switching off, or at least turning down, THE HOTEL INSPECTOR 63-65 energy efficient.indd 63 063 9/1/13 13:59:46

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