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style AS GOOD AS NEW Refreshing and refurbishing can ramp-up your hotel’s revenue WORDS: Jessie Bland | PHOTOGRAPHY: Getty Images R efurbishment is frequently deemed a oneway process, requiring significant financial outlay for precious little return on your investment. This isn’t necessarily the case, however: wellplanned refurbishment or renovation, although costly, can pay dividends – not only in customer satisfaction but in revenue generation too. If daunted by the prospect of a hotel-wide refurbishment, consider instead hotel refreshment: simply adding new elements to individual rooms (every five to seven years) such as redecorating or replacing furniture – it can give a facelift to tired interiors and keep your hotel up to date. Mind you, it’s worth taking note that just a quick lick of paint will not wipe over years of use. If you’re looking to attract new customers, re-brand or introduce a new revenue stream, overhaul may be the only viable avenue. As always, prevention is better than cure – and neglected facilities could see your TripAdvisor THE HOTEL INSPECTOR 25-27 refurb.FINAL.indd 25 025 2/1/13 16:28:36

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The Hotel Inspector 2013