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style 4 5 BATHROOM AMENITIES As the recession has taken hold in the hospitality industry, luxury extras have often been one of the first things cut in an attempt to improve the bottom line. Bathroom amenities – shower gels, soaps and shampoos – have frequently been affected by the squeeze, with many hotels stripping back their bathtime provisions to the bare basics. But this means such little luxuries increasingly help to define a superior guest experience and define your brand. So how can you lower costs without sacrificing your guests’ expectations? The key is to invest time, effort and a reasonable financial outlay into these amenities. An important decision hoteliers need to make early on in their amenities strategy is whether to create their own brand of products, or partner with an already established brand name. Each has its merits: personalising your bathroom products is a novel way to extend your brand identity, whereas introducing a recognised brand can help synonymise your hotel with that brand’s image and qualities. For instance, the Baroque range from Bunzl (below right) is aimed at boutique-style hotels. Cost is a determining factor, but don’t allow it to be the sole factor. Instead, analyse your clientele and determine their expectations – then make your decision. It also pays to consider the eco-credentials of your guest supplies. Do customers require individual shower gels, 6 shampoos and conditioners, or would refillable dispensers prove a more green practice – and indeed more aesthetically pleasing? If the former is a must-have, look for companies that use biodegradable materials in their packaging.  1) ME, London 2) The Goring Hotel, London 3) Kilworth House Hotel, Leicestershire 4) The W Hotel, London 5) Augill Castle, Cumbria 6) Baroque toiletries from Bunzl Guest Amenities ©Bunzl Guest Amenities © Pride of Britain/ The Goring Hotel 3 THE HOTEL INSPECTOR 31-33 bathroom FINAL CF.indd 33 033 9/1/13 11:40:54

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