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TIPS FOR FOOD 068 1 DON’T OVERCOOK! PHOTOGRAPHY: Getty Images, Shutterstock Food management is a crucial aspect of your operations – so check out our handy hints and you could find yourself quids in… Cooking your food – especially meat – for too long doesn’t just end up ruining your meals: it can put a serious dent in your profits too. The longer you cook meat, the more it shrinks – so if you are calculating price by weight (which, in terms of allocating portion sizes, you should essentially be doing) you’re doing yourself out of valuable cash by allowing meat to overcook. At low volumes this may seem inconsequential but over a year the incremental losses could add up to many hundreds of pounds. Slow-cook ovens which operate at lower temperatures can counter this risk, and might pay for themselves quickly in terms of the savings on each portion of well-cooked, delicious meat… 2 LEFTOVERS AREN’T NECESSARILY LOSSES Nobody likes to see good food going to waste, but even the tightest culinary ship ends up with leftovers and all too frequently they end up going in the bin – after all, you can’t warm that food up and serve it again the next day, right? Well, not necessarily: while some foods obviously has to be thrown away, there are plenty of things that can be recycled into delicious morsels. Excess bread for example can be turned into bread pudding, and it’s surprising how many diners will order bubble and squeak. Meats can be served as part of a cold meat selection or salads. Just remember to store everything correctly, of course… THE HOTEL INSPECTOR food management.indd 68 10/1/13 15:43:33

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