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style A TOUCH OF LUXURY Gym and spa facilities can boost guests’ relaxation – and your return on investment T he hospitality industry is where customers traditionally turn when they want to indulge in a little luxury – or to enjoy a home from home (in a setting that’s more beautiful and luxurious than their own home!). This is where added extras such as gyms, spa facilities, therapies and beauty treatments become markers of extravagance and an out-ofthe-ordinary hotel experience. However, these kinds of facilities require thorough planning and are not necessarily suitable for every size and shape of hotel. There’s a paradox in how valuable gym facilities actually are for hotel establishments. In a survey 036 by budget hotel chain Travelodge, around 75 per cent of travellers claimed that gym facilities are a significant determining factor when choosing where to stay. But despite this, 68 per cent of travellers don’t use the gym, and 79 per cent fail to make use of the pool. Of course, this means 32 per cent of travellers do use the gym – that’s nearly a third of hotel visitors. And for those travellers who expect or require such extras, they can be a real draw factor. Some travellers, for instance, go out of their way to source a hotel with a pool large enough to do laps, while others search for an establishment that boasts the latest in high-tech gym equipment. THE HOTEL INSPECTOR 36-37 gym and spas FINAL CF.indd 36 2/1/13 16:14:23

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