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| LAST WORD| 60 SECONDS WITH SARAH WE GRABBED A MINUTE OF SARAH BEENY’S TIME TO ASK HER OPINION ON A FEW HOT TOPICS, GET HER LATEST NEWS AND HAVE A BIT OF FUN Budget buster Late March saw the Chancellor, George Osborne, deliver this year’s budget in which he announced a £250 million fund that will help 10,000 first-time buyers get onto the property ladder. Guest editor Sarah Beeny had this to say: ‘It’s a drop in the ocean. It will make absolutely no difference to the housing market, so first-time buyers will still need to be savvy about how they save rather than rely on government money. ‘Saving for a few years in order to build up a big enough deposit for your first house may mean you have to rent for a while. I don’t think renting a house is that bad. You’re not a lesser human being if you have to rent. ‘And remember, a rental doesn’t mean it can’t feel like your own place. Personal touches, particularly to your bedroom, will make the space feel more comfortable. In many cases, you won’t be allowed to paint the walls, but with clever accessories and fabric, a rented home can still reflect your interior style. WORDS: JO WILLACY | PHOTOGRAPH: JOHN CAREY Despite thousands of couples tying the knot after meeting on Sarah’s website, Sarah is yet to receive an invitation to one of the resulting weddings! ‘I nd that rather rude,’ laughs our guest editor. ‘When couples tell us they’re getting married, I always send a card.’ So, who’s going to be the rst to ensure Sarah has to go out and buy a new hat? When asked about how her dating website is doing and if it has any new concepts for the near future, Sarah says: ‘It’s going brilliantly. It only gets better, which is fantastic. We’ve got loads of new plans coming up. We’ve had some restructuring of the company in the last six months and we can go ahead with a load of plans that we’ve been wanting to do for a while.’ So, watch this space… THE INVITATION IS IN THE POST… STYLE ICON Our guest editor was recently listed alongside such A-list stars as Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn when it came to people who were considered style icons. Bathroom bliss S The discussion took SARAH ADMITSHE THING place on ITV daytime THE ONE HOUT show Loose Women, CAN’T LIVE WIT IN T BATH and panellist Lisa IS A HO JUST Maxwell, formerly of THE EVENING: ‘IT NG LL WRO The Bill fame, claimed FEELS A IF no-one could make a THE NEXT DAY’ checked shirt and jeans ISS ONE! IM look more stylish and sexy than Sarah Beeny. The basic human need to be warm will motivate us to have greener homes ‘The only way to really make people green is to hit their back pockets! As it happens, oil prices are doing that without the government having to do a thing, and so will last winter’s snow. I can guarantee that after the winter we’ve had, people will ensure they have much better home insulation before the next season comes around, because they don’t want to be ipping freezing! You can have all the directives you want, but lots and lots of snow and expensive heating bills – that’s what’ll force people nally to insulate their homes. It’ll be unbelievably e icient.’ FORCED BY THE HAND OF NATURE MAY 2011 | 281

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Editor’s letter
A word from Sarah
Spring sensation
Big-name bedrooms
Brilliant buys for your home
House talk
Home horrors
Areas on the up
Property perfectionist
Mortgage mania
Solicitor’s service
a penny for your thouGhts
Housing hotshot
Wise up
Flying the nest
Making the ideal become real
Boost your build
Feeling lofty
Garden plotting
When cracks appear
Window shopping
Stay toasty
Warm up
Success story
Top transformation
Greenovate your home
Eco boost
Organic ignition
Green queens
Solve those dilemmas
Splash of colour
Bed down in style
Lounge around
Kitchens and bathrooms
Bubble up
Shower power
Instant illumination
Floor wars
The carpet market
Tip-top tiles
Tools of the trade
Fresh air furnishings
Grill thrills
Picnic perfect
Green supreme
Diary date
Kerb appeal
Up top
Brick cladding
Groovy garages
Lodge life
Go your own way
Car booty
Clock ticker
Coming soon
On the list
Listed lovelies

AT Home with Sarah Beeny - May 2011