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EVER GREENER Going eco is on trend at the moment, with different celebs sweeping the media with a new ‘going green’ sensation every week. While we all know about the benefits of recycling, how many of us know about upcycling: recycling’s much greener friend? What is it? Upcycling is all about taking unwanted, Embellish newly upcycled disposable items and then creating goods with accessories something useful out of them. scoured from ea markets Instead of getting garbage happy and car boot sales. Buttons, and throwing old things away, have a ribbons and trimmings add think about how you can reuse them. a trendy touch to cushions. Re-appropriating products can be as simple as giving an old chest of drawers a new lease of life with a lick of paint. Or get inventive, and dismantle old wooden furniture to build something new. Start the ‘greenovating’ trend with your friends and family. Boot source What are the benefits? ● BY HOARDING AND REVAMPING YOUR OLD ITEMS, YOU’LL AVOID ADDING TO LANDFILL SITES 022 | MAY 2011 WORDS: ALICE NEWBOLD | PHOTOGRAPHS: GETTY IMAGES, SHUTTERSTOCK Every year we throw away 1.8 million tonnes of textiles and clothing. By hoarding and revamping your used items, you’ll avoid adding to already cluttered landfill sites. Methane gas is released in these ground holes, contributing to climate change and putting our environment at risk. ● Recycling requires energy and resources, unlike upcycling which you can do in the comfort of your home, with whatever you have to hand. ● Making use of old items saves you from having to buy new things – and reduces the need for more products to be manufactured. ● Eco-friendly fabrics, such as organic cotton or bamboo silk, can often be pricey. You’ll save more money upcycling your own clothes. Or, if you’re strapped for cash and not skilled with a sewing machine, why not organise a clothes swap with your friends? Getting five mates involved in the exchange increases your wardrobe potential by five times!

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Editor’s letter
A word from Sarah
Spring sensation
Big-name bedrooms
Brilliant buys for your home
House talk
Home horrors
Areas on the up
Property perfectionist
Mortgage mania
Solicitor’s service
a penny for your thouGhts
Housing hotshot
Wise up
Flying the nest
Making the ideal become real
Boost your build
Feeling lofty
Garden plotting
When cracks appear
Window shopping
Stay toasty
Warm up
Success story
Top transformation
Greenovate your home
Eco boost
Organic ignition
Green queens
Solve those dilemmas
Splash of colour
Bed down in style
Lounge around
Kitchens and bathrooms
Bubble up
Shower power
Instant illumination
Floor wars
The carpet market
Tip-top tiles
Tools of the trade
Fresh air furnishings
Grill thrills
Picnic perfect
Green supreme
Diary date
Kerb appeal
Up top
Brick cladding
Groovy garages
Lodge life
Go your own way
Car booty
Clock ticker
Coming soon
On the list
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AT Home with Sarah Beeny - May 2011