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| surface detail | Get tiling When it comes to decorating your walls, floors and domestic surfaces, there are plenty of creative tile options for all budgets From glistening glass mosaics to bold slate and rustic terracotta, today’s tiles are less boring backdrop, more dazzling style statement. Used to accentuate any space, tiles fuse style and function to create an on-trend look. Embed them in your bathroom, kitchen and living area for a designer touch or use them creatively to spice up fireplaces, mirrors and surrounds. Sarah says... ‘tiles can be regrouted many times before you retile a room. they should be replaced when they start to look manky and affect the hygiene of a room.’ Six top tile styles 1 2 3 4 5 Glass Boasting sparkle and depth, glass gives a sleek sophisticated finish in the kitchen or an aqua-fresh vibe in your bathroom. Opt for cut glass bricks or mosaic sheets. Glass tiles are water resistant so are ideal for backsplashes, shower walls, accents on floors or room dividers. From approximately £6.60 per mesh sheet. Best for: A burst of sparkle and shine a vast range of colour combinations, so choose from a high-polish finish or go for tiles with veins and speckles. From approximately £54 per square metre. Best for: shiny futuristic appeal 6 Marble For an upscale design classic that oozes luxury, the allure of natural marble is unbeatable. For the ultimate in refinement, use them on kitchen and bathroom walls – or counter tops. Avoid floors because they are mostly limestone and easily damaged to citric acid, vinegar and household cleaners. From approximately £80 per square metre. Best for: Classical style Mosaic Functional yet fabulous, the lure of magical mosaics stays strong on bathrooms, kitchens, fireplaces and floors. Add a dreamy dimension to your interiors by using them to make a dramatic statement on borders, skirting or scattered randomly around the bathtub. From as little as £22 per square metre. Best for: Inexpensive glamour sandstone Great for flooring because it’s a hard and durable material, sandstone lends a natural vibe to your home. Sandstone tiles are available in a range of different colours and textures. Just be careful when cleaning sandstone; it’s very porous so only use clean water or a professional neutral cleaner. From approximately £37 per square metre. Best for: A subtle and simplistic look Granite Glamorous granite is a designer must-have – especially in kitchens. Durable on both floors and worktops, stains such as grease, fat and oil have minimal impact. They are available in slate A natural material found in the earth, slate is a bold design choice that is undeniably on-trend. As a durable, long-lasting and generally water-resistant material it has a rough surface, making it a great choice for flooring in bathrooms, kitchens and hallways, as well as exterior spaces. From approximately £31 per square metre. ✱ Best for: fashion and function words: michelle dunn | photographs: getty images, istocKphoto MAY 2011 | 229

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AT Home with Sarah Beeny - May 2011