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CAR BOOT BONANZA THE BUYER: Natalie Simpson, 34 – a gallery manager from She eld Above: Queen tray, 20p; Hornsea storage jar, £2; cups and saucers, £1.25 for set of six; jug, 30p. Right: ve ship paintings, from 50p to £1 each. Total for all five, £3.75 THE CAR BOOT SALE: Lady Manners School, Bakewell, Derbyshire ‘When I bought the ship paintings, it was one of those weird things that only can happen at a car boot sale. I found one, which was 50p, then walked to another stall where there was another ship picture that I liked, which was 75p. By the end of the day, I’d bought five! I’ve now got about nine, and I’m still trying to find some smaller ones to fill the gaps. I never intended to buy ship NATALIE’S BUYING TIP: ‘Always carry change with you. It gives you more haggling power.’ 276 | MAY 2011 WORDS: JO WILLACY AND REBECCA ASH | FOR MORE INFORMATION ON PALMERS GREEN COMMUNITY MARKET CAR BOOT SALE, VISIT WWW.PALMERSGREENMARKET.COM THE PURCHASES: paintings but sometimes at a car boot, things just spring out at you. I’ve displayed them on the wall on the way to the toilet, so when I direct people to the toilet, I say, “Go past the ship wall!” ‘The Queen tray is actually in really bad condition and very faded, but I just loved it! ‘The storage jar is a Hornsea make – they did loads of beautiful designs in the 1950s and 1960s – but I got it cheaply because it’s damaged. I just use it for display but sometimes I hide money in it. ‘I liked the teacups and saucers simply because they’re pretty. When I bought the jug, the man selling it laughed at me for wanting it! My rule is always to haggle, but when something is so cheap, I can’t give them the money quickly enough!’ DESIGN TIP: PAINTINGS MAKE A STRIKING DISPLAY

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of AT Home with Sarah Beeny - May 2011

Editor’s letter
A word from Sarah
Spring sensation
Big-name bedrooms
Brilliant buys for your home
House talk
Home horrors
Areas on the up
Property perfectionist
Mortgage mania
Solicitor’s service
a penny for your thouGhts
Housing hotshot
Wise up
Flying the nest
Making the ideal become real
Boost your build
Feeling lofty
Garden plotting
When cracks appear
Window shopping
Stay toasty
Warm up
Success story
Top transformation
Greenovate your home
Eco boost
Organic ignition
Green queens
Solve those dilemmas
Splash of colour
Bed down in style
Lounge around
Kitchens and bathrooms
Bubble up
Shower power
Instant illumination
Floor wars
The carpet market
Tip-top tiles
Tools of the trade
Fresh air furnishings
Grill thrills
Picnic perfect
Green supreme
Diary date
Kerb appeal
Up top
Brick cladding
Groovy garages
Lodge life
Go your own way
Car booty
Clock ticker
Coming soon
On the list
Listed lovelies

AT Home with Sarah Beeny - May 2011