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| GRAB A GRANT| Cash back energy Making your home greener is a top priority, especially if you can make money for doing it! We all want to do our bit to preserve the planet, but doing so can be tricky. Now there is a real incentive to get our acts together because the government has actually started paying out money with a new grant called the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). This is to encourage us to switch from using fossil fuels to renewables, such as wood, and natural sources, like water and wind. Not just a phase To qualify for the RHI you need an Energy Performance Certificate to prove you have a well-insulated home and you will then be given a one-off payment that will go towards the cost of having it installed. You then need to give feedback on how the chosen equipment performs. In total, there will be around £15 million available to 25,000 householders who install a system from July 2011, so make sure you are ready to go by then (see box, The RHI Premium Payment, below). Current means currency If you are already generating your own electricity with wind turbines or solar electricity panels, or are planning to do so soon, then energy suppliers have to make regular payments to you. You will be given money for the amount of electricity generated and for surplus energy you can sell to the National Grid. Get your house in order WORDS: GEORGINA MARIC | PHOTOGRAPH: ISTOCK See which system would work best in your home: SOLAR THERMAL SYSTEM are flat plates that are fitted onto roofs to create solar energy for heating water or air. AIR SOURCE HEAT PUMPS extract heat from outside using electricity. The heat is constantly renewed and delivered at lower temperatures for longer periods than normal. BIOMASS BOILERS use wood pellets, chips or logs to power central heating systems and hot water boilers. It can be a stove that heats a single room or boiler that is connected to a heating and hot water system. GROUND SOURCE HEAT PUMPS use pipes buried in the garden to extract heat from the ground. The pumps heat radiators, underfloor systems and provide hot water. ✱ T he RHI Premium Paymen t According to the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), levels of financial support per unit are likely to be: ● Solar thermal: £300 per unit. ● Air source heat pumps: £850 per unit. ● Biomass boilers: £950 per unit. ● Ground source heat pumps: £1,250 per unit. It should be noted that these are initial estimates and are not fixed and amounts may change at a later date. MAY 2011 | 169

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Property perfectionist
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AT Home with Sarah Beeny - May 2011