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green penÉlope Cruz Gwyneth Paltrow we tend to think of Bono and Bob Geldof as the eco warriors among high-flying celebs, but it’s the women who are leading the charge with their environmentally friendly living… Cindy Crawford Sheryl Crow Girls go Songstress Sheryl, 49, took green partying to the extreme by throwing an all-natural baby shower for her newborn son, Wyatt, now three. The soirée included locally grown, organic food and flowers, linen napkins, wrapping paper-free gifts, and guests could even plant their invitations! If you expect this actress to turn up to the Oscars in a stretch limo, think again. Not only does Penélope Cruz, 37, drive a hybrid car, she’s helped cast aside the long-standing marriage of celebrity and limo. Thanks to Penélope and friends, Global Green USA ( supplies over 30 alternative fuel vehicles to transport stars to the Academy Awards in eco-friendly style. Declaring Bono as her green mentor, Penélope described the scheme as ‘something where everyone can contribute’. Gwyneth, 38, and Coldplay frontman, Chris Martin, 34, have long been considered one of the eco-power couples of the green-aware celeb trend. The actress sullies the image of the glam home we might expect the pair to have, as she instills her children with green values via the manure pile in the back garden. Though teaching her kids about earth-friendly alternatives to chemical-laden fertilisers is admirable, we sure wouldn’t like to be her next door neighbour. Fancy sipping out of a designer drinking bottle? Supermodel-turnedmother, Cindy, 45, has developed a range of reusable water bottles, in an attempt to reduce the number of plastic water bottles that end up in landfills. You can sup from a Stella McCartney-inspired bottle, designed by fashion designer Michael Kors or one designed by Cindy Crawford herself. All proceeds from the ‘Thirsty for Change’ campaign go to helping decrease water-related diseases in developing countries. 170 | may 2011 wordS: aliCe newbold | photoGraphS: pa photoS

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Spring sensation
Big-name bedrooms
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Property perfectionist
Mortgage mania
Solicitor’s service
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Housing hotshot
Wise up
Flying the nest
Making the ideal become real
Boost your build
Feeling lofty
Garden plotting
When cracks appear
Window shopping
Stay toasty
Warm up
Success story
Top transformation
Greenovate your home
Eco boost
Organic ignition
Green queens
Solve those dilemmas
Splash of colour
Bed down in style
Lounge around
Kitchens and bathrooms
Bubble up
Shower power
Instant illumination
Floor wars
The carpet market
Tip-top tiles
Tools of the trade
Fresh air furnishings
Grill thrills
Picnic perfect
Green supreme
Diary date
Kerb appeal
Up top
Brick cladding
Groovy garages
Lodge life
Go your own way
Car booty
Clock ticker
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AT Home with Sarah Beeny - May 2011