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Mane on Richard Ward Award-winning hairdresser to the celebrities (www.richard the wane? Great for hiding frown lines and forehead crinkles, fringes can look very youthful – just be sure to opt for a fringe that suits your face shape and the texture of your hair,’ advises Mathew Alexander. ‘For example, if your face is long, go for a sweeping fringe, which “cuts” the length of the face in half by falling at the bottom of the cheekbone.’ LOOK YOUNGER 2 Faye Turner Creative colour director at the multi award -winning HOB Salons (www. 1 CONSIDER A FRINGE PUMP UP THE VOLUME ‘If you want to give your hair an anti-ageing boost, the key is volume,’ advises Richard Ward. ‘It lifts the hair, rather than pulling it close to your face, which can leave it looking heavy and flat. Airy, voluminous hair provides movement and highlights your facial features, rather than drag against them. Try spritzing my Couture Hair Volumiser Root Booster (£19, onto your roots before blow-drying it and using Shine Angel Radial Brush (£15.99, www. to give your hair body.’ 3 STYLE IT SIMPLE Mathew Alexander One of the UK’s leading hair and makeup artists (www.mathew 178| JUNE 2013 ‘Fussy, over-groomed styles can add years,’ says Mathew. ‘But don’t fall into the trap of scruffy or unkempt styles either. After you hit a certain age, messy locks can make you look as if you’ve simply given up!’ 4 SHORTEN IT The effects of gravity on the skin may be inevitable, but there’s no need to give them a helping hand! ‘Wearing your hair any longer than below your collar bone, at longest, will “pull” your whole face down, and make you look older,’ warns Mathew. ‘Stay short, or if you prefer a longer length, make the shoulders your cut-off point and balance with a little graduation to flatter the cheekbones.’ 5 WEAR A MASK Your hair grows dryer over time, so to keep it looking younger, keep it glossy. ‘Hair needs extra help to stay in good condition as we get older, so it’s important to use nourishing treatments at least once a week,’ advises Mathew, who recommends using Shu Uemura Art of Hair Prime Plenish Vitalizing Treatment Masque (£39.50, 6 KEEP AN EYE ON YOUR SHADE ‘Going darker than your natural hair colour can be very ageing,’ says Faye Turner. ‘Skintone begins to change around your mid -20s. As you get older, your skin absorbs more light, which is why you need to introduce warm or cool tones to your overall colour. If you go too dark, all of the radiance might be sucked out of your complexion. Lighter shades are softer, reflect light, and bring luminosity to the face – creating a far more youthful effect.’ When choosing how light or dark you want your hair colour to be, it is essential that you also take into account the colour of your eyes. ‘The depth of colour of the iris should act as a guide for how dark or light you are about to go,’ says Faye. ‘It’s very important to get the right tone and depth. Every colour consultation should involve assessing your natural colouring in order to see which tones suit you best.’ 7 STAY NATURAL When you’re colouring to cover any grey strands, stick close to your natural shade and avoid adding contrasting tones. ‘Putting in lots of highlights and lowlights is a very sophisticated look, but it can be quite ageing,’ says Mathew. ‘Keep colour fresh and WORDS: Trish Lesslie | PHOTOGRAPHS: Getty Images MEET THE EXPERTS BRUSH AWAY THE YEARS AND INJECT VITALITY INTO YOUR HAIR WITH SOME SIMPLE YET STYLISH CHOP AND CHANGES http://www.richard http://www.mathew

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Editor's letter
Carol's hello
Summer days
Rear of the year
Shades of citrus
Maxi moment
Good for the sole
Razzle dazzle
Swing by the sixties
All shapes and sizes
Steal her look
The swimwear round
A moment with Carol
Beaming with pride
Loose women
Forever friends
What men want
The D word
Fear not
Keep your flirt on
Sex on fire
Culinary classics
Food glorious food
At a pinch
Oiling the meals
Flaming hot
Under the grill
Raise a glass
Water works
Weight-dropping wonders
Tuck in
Home improvements
Holiday hazards
Proceed with caution
Warning signs
Down to the bare bones
Back on track
A sorry sight
20 under £20
How do they do it?
Rewind time
Lacklustre locks?
Pearly brights
Good job hunting
Old timers
The golden years
Cash in a flash
Money guru
Foster the love
Child's play
Easy as 1, 2, 3?
Summertime accessories
Those in glass houses
On the tiles
Home safe home
Savvy traveller
Holiday honcho
Port of call
Here come the girls
It's a numbers game
Book it in
Up, up and away!
Last word

At Home with Carol Vorderman 2013