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The freedom to explore NOWADAYS, TRAVEL ISN’T JUST ABOUT STAYING IN HOTELS. BE ADVENTUROUS – SET UP CAMP YOURSELF! D on’t rely on the internet or travel agents to arrange your ideal holiday – take control by buying your own accommodation, and you’ll never be disappointed again. But what type of holiday home would suit you and your needs best? Is having the ability and freedom to choose where you want to go in this country or abroad a top priority for you, or do you prefer knowing exactly what you’re getting and making your holiday a home from home? Whatever your ideals, here are some options… Cool Caravans Investing in a touring caravan gives you the freedom to go wherever you choose – and to do whatever you want, whether that’s exploring the remotest part of Scotland, soaking up the sun in France, or beyond. Caravans are so well-equipped nowadays too, with heating, toilet facilities, showers and kitchens complete with ovens, microwaves, and fridges, that this is no longer the ‘roughing it’ option it used to be. Far from it; you can even get WiFi! Advantages: Caravanning’s main pro is the fact that, wherever a car or ferry can reach, a caravan can get to as well. In which case, the choice of destination is entirely yours. Apart from caravan park staying fees which, in the high season, cost roughly £10 per person per night, accommodation is cheap – and everyone has a bed to sleep in. You can take everything with you and 260 | JUNE 2013 store it in the caravan, too. Once you become adept at setting it all up, you’ll be able to settle yourself into somewhere new, with the kettle on, in just half an hour. This means you can stop off on long journeys and change locations mid-holiday if you fancy a change of scenery. Another pro to caravanning in this country is that, if the weather is a bit iffy, you can stay warm and dry. You’ll have your car with you, meaning you can easily explore the local area, then go back to your caravan to enjoy a relaxing evening. You will also become part of the caravanning community, with the opportunity to meet like-minded people. Kids also love being able to run around outside safely! Disadvantages: Lack of storage space can be tricky, especially if you have to take a lot of bedding and equipment. If you or your family members are tall, then some say the length of beds can be restrictive. Some people find the towing part difficult to master, as well as parking your caravan once you are on site. You have to consider where you will store your caravan too, and factor in a further cost for this – for when you’re not using it. Having to take everything with you, including the kitchen sink, and be responsible for all of the shopping and cooking, can also be a disadvantage for some. Cost: From £5,000 to £15,000 used, or for a brand new caravan from £12,000 up to £30,000 plus, depending on both the size and facilities.

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of At Home with Carol Vorderman 2013

Editor's letter
Carol's hello
Summer days
Rear of the year
Shades of citrus
Maxi moment
Good for the sole
Razzle dazzle
Swing by the sixties
All shapes and sizes
Steal her look
The swimwear round
A moment with Carol
Beaming with pride
Loose women
Forever friends
What men want
The D word
Fear not
Keep your flirt on
Sex on fire
Culinary classics
Food glorious food
At a pinch
Oiling the meals
Flaming hot
Under the grill
Raise a glass
Water works
Weight-dropping wonders
Tuck in
Home improvements
Holiday hazards
Proceed with caution
Warning signs
Down to the bare bones
Back on track
A sorry sight
20 under £20
How do they do it?
Rewind time
Lacklustre locks?
Pearly brights
Good job hunting
Old timers
The golden years
Cash in a flash
Money guru
Foster the love
Child's play
Easy as 1, 2, 3?
Summertime accessories
Those in glass houses
On the tiles
Home safe home
Savvy traveller
Holiday honcho
Port of call
Here come the girls
It's a numbers game
Book it in
Up, up and away!
Last word

At Home with Carol Vorderman 2013