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| STRAIGHTEN UP| Getting back on track YOUR SPINE IS ONE OF THE MOST VITAL STRUCTURES IN YOUR BODY AND IS PRONE TO PAIN, BUT HOW CAN YOU PROTECT IT? ABSENTEES EVERY DAY 1% OF THE UK’S WORKING POPULATION WILL BE ON SICK LEAVE DUE TO BACK TROUBLE You run a greater risk of getting back pain if… A healthy lift is all in your technique Regularly picking up heavy objects shouldn’t equal back pain: it’s not how much you lift, but how you do it. Learning and following the correct method for handling heavy loads can help to prevent injury. When you lift, squat close to the object with your back straight and head up. Stand, using your legs to raise the object. Keep your shoulders level and facing the same direction as the hips. Avoid twisting or leaning sideways, especially while the back is bent, as this can really hurt. WORDS: Puneet Chahal | PHOTOGRAPH: Getty Images Healthcare costs for UK back pain are £1.6billion per year The NHS spends more than £1billion per year on back-painrelated expenses. These include: £512million on hospital costs £141million on numerous different GP consultations £150.6million on prescribed physiotherapy treatments The private healthcare sector doesn’t escape a hefty bill, either, with hospitals and clinics forking out £565million a year treating fee-paying back-pain patients. • • • { { …you’re aged between 20 and 50; you’re overweight or obese; you’re pregnant; you’re a long-term user of medications such as corticosteroids, which are known to weaken bones; you’re stressed or depressed. MOVE IT While it was once considered part of the recovery to rest in bed when you have back pain, gentle exercise is now advised, as it gets joints moving. Even crawling is better than no movement at all GO BACK TO BASICS Mobilisation, manipulation and massage can help In order to ease your back pain and discomfort, a visit to a chiropractor can help. Chiropractors treat disorders of your bones, muscles and joints to realign and rebalance your body. Chiropractors use a range of techniques, with an emphasis on manipulation of your spine. They may also offer advice on diet, exercise and lifestyle, and rehabilitation programmes that involve exercises to do in your own time. Some chiropractors may provide other treatments, such as acupuncture. McTimoney Chiropractic (www.mctimoneychiropractic. org), for example, carries out a full examination and offer a diagnosis, before discussing a treatment plan with you. The company uses non-invasive hands-on chiropractic techniques, unique to the team there, and also provide follow-up care to keep your pain under control. JUNE 2013 | 157

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Editor's letter
Carol's hello
Summer days
Rear of the year
Shades of citrus
Maxi moment
Good for the sole
Razzle dazzle
Swing by the sixties
All shapes and sizes
Steal her look
The swimwear round
A moment with Carol
Beaming with pride
Loose women
Forever friends
What men want
The D word
Fear not
Keep your flirt on
Sex on fire
Culinary classics
Food glorious food
At a pinch
Oiling the meals
Flaming hot
Under the grill
Raise a glass
Water works
Weight-dropping wonders
Tuck in
Home improvements
Holiday hazards
Proceed with caution
Warning signs
Down to the bare bones
Back on track
A sorry sight
20 under £20
How do they do it?
Rewind time
Lacklustre locks?
Pearly brights
Good job hunting
Old timers
The golden years
Cash in a flash
Money guru
Foster the love
Child's play
Easy as 1, 2, 3?
Summertime accessories
Those in glass houses
On the tiles
Home safe home
Savvy traveller
Holiday honcho
Port of call
Here come the girls
It's a numbers game
Book it in
Up, up and away!
Last word

At Home with Carol Vorderman 2013