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Sizzling plates summer was made for barbecues, but forget about the usual sausages and chicken drumsticks, whip up a new chargrilled feast fit for the family rosemary-smoked whole sea bass Accompany this tasty fish dish with a fresh, colourful, Greek country salad. Serves 4 You will need: ● 2 whole sea bass, each about 625g or 1¼lb, cleaned, gutted, scaled, with gills and all fins removed ● 3 lemons ● 2tbsp extra-virgin olive oil ● Sea salt ● Ground black pepper ● 10 rosemary sprigs, each about 6in long For the salad: ● 4tbsp extra-virgin olive oil ● 2 ripe plum tomatoes, deseeded and chopped ● 1 cucumber, chopped ● ½ red onion, finely chopped ● 20 pitted kalamata olives, roughly chopped 1 Cut three or four parallel slashes about ½ in deep and 1in apart on each side of the fish. Cut one of the lemons in half crossways. Squeeze 2tbsp of juice into a medium, non-reactive bowl and set aside for the salad. Cut the other two lemons into thin slices. Set aside the slices of one lemon to serve with the smoked sea bass. The slices of the other lemon will be used inside the fish when cooking. 100 | JUNE 2013

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Editor's letter
Carol's hello
Summer days
Rear of the year
Shades of citrus
Maxi moment
Good for the sole
Razzle dazzle
Swing by the sixties
All shapes and sizes
Steal her look
The swimwear round
A moment with Carol
Beaming with pride
Loose women
Forever friends
What men want
The D word
Fear not
Keep your flirt on
Sex on fire
Culinary classics
Food glorious food
At a pinch
Oiling the meals
Flaming hot
Under the grill
Raise a glass
Water works
Weight-dropping wonders
Tuck in
Home improvements
Holiday hazards
Proceed with caution
Warning signs
Down to the bare bones
Back on track
A sorry sight
20 under £20
How do they do it?
Rewind time
Lacklustre locks?
Pearly brights
Good job hunting
Old timers
The golden years
Cash in a flash
Money guru
Foster the love
Child's play
Easy as 1, 2, 3?
Summertime accessories
Those in glass houses
On the tiles
Home safe home
Savvy traveller
Holiday honcho
Port of call
Here come the girls
It's a numbers game
Book it in
Up, up and away!
Last word

At Home with Carol Vorderman 2013