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Martyn Christian is CMO for services and software provider Kofax, specialising in document capture and document-driven business process automation. Outsource met with Martyn to get his views on the rapidly expanding document management outsourcing space, and for an insight into the “digital mailroom” concept… Digital ViSiON acquisitions, grow our salesforce, grow our distribution, grow our partner network. Now we have a Kofax-branded organisation, exclusively focused on software and services on a global basis, just over about $220m revenue and growing in excess of twenty per cent – and profit up nearly two hundred per cent. outsource: It’s been an interesting time for Kofax in Europe recently, Martyn: tell us more… Martyn Christian: In the last few weeks we divested our hardware distribution business which will now be constructed as a separate organisation with the brand name Dicom. Strategically, the reasoning behind that is that the majority of our revenue comes from software and related services. The hardware distribution is not core to our business – as it was at one point about ten, eleven, twelve or so years ago. This gives us more cash to put back into investing in our core software business – maybe do o: Now you’re talking about software – but the organisation’s reputation, for many, is that of a document management provider. Is that not the case? MC: So, the part of our business that connects directly to the content and document management market is probably just less than about half what we do. We provide the ability for organisations to capture documents – which is normally (70 per cent plus) in paper but also fax, SMS communication, multimedia communications – at the perimeter of their organisation. So, before the paper hits the organisation and starts to create paperbased processes, we have the ability, using our capture software running with pretty much anybody’s scanning hardware, to capture all that information at the extremity. The fastest growing part of our business now is in automating invoice processing “The purpose of outsourcing is cost savings, improving efficiency and business value. It allows focusing on core areas, permitting flexibility and global reach.” - Sanjay Chadha 68 ● ● www.outsourcemagazine.co.uk http://www.outsourcemagazine.co.uk

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