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THE BACK END SOURCE BITES Sourcebites Every issue, Outsource readers respond to big issues in tweet-length answers (never say we don’t move with the times…). This issue we go right to the heart of the matter: what is the purpose of outsourcing? n To act as a challenge to current thinking about the art of the possible & to enable an organisation to do more for less in a different way. Michael Steer, Mongoose & Swan, via email n Letting the experts do what their expertise is so you can concentrate on the core of your business. @plannetplc n Providing organizations access to a bigger pool of skilled talent, enabling them to grow and increase profitability. Hugo Messer, Bridge Outsourcing, via email n Cost Savings. Concentrate on core line of business. Gurdeep (Gary) Bindra (via LinkedIn) n Reduce cost by extending delivery team within/outside country. Harshal Kharod (via LinkedIn) n Optimize your resources. Save on revenues. Ramesh Kumar (via LinkedIn) n The purpose of outsourcing is to achieve global business growth by smartly using IT and access to talent worldwide. @freebordersinc n Through change & uncertainty, outsourcing helps companies better manage risk, turn fixed costs variable, & create greater transparency. Amit Badami, EMRG, via email n Mess for less isn’t exciting but is it what’s wanted? Perhaps it’s about innovating to be better faster cheaper – oh, and carrying the risk! Gareth Davies, Veredus (via LinkedIn) n To gain a greater return on a business’ investment by outsourcing a business function along with a degree of accountability to a 3rd party. Robert Rutherford, QuoStar Answers (via LinkedIn) n To leverage the outsourcer’s flexibility, experience, scale, capital and lack of in-house constraints - with your knowledge. @GreenContact n Enables organisations to focus on core, value added skills, functions and objectives, improving quality, service and profitability. Stefan Foryszewski, OB10 (via LinkedIn) n Delivering the strong operational foundation to allow you focus on the strategic initiatives. Jon Milward, Northdoor (via LinkedIn) n It provides freedom for the business as it can tap into the skills and expertise needed from outside, letting it focus on its core skills. Gordon Easden, FusionExperience (via LinkedIn) n Companies benefit by handing over non-core processes to a 3rd-party expert to save time & resources & focus better on their primary business. Stuart Hanna, Genpact (via LinkedIn) n The delegation or transfer of an undertaking in order to bridge a gap, optimize or realize benefits in your business or personal life. Arlene Elk (via LinkedIn) n Outsourcing allows for n Often seen as a quick easy way to reduce public-sector costs. Usually a mistake because it’s the wrong use of a solution to fix a problem. Bruce Levitan (via LinkedIn) n Give away responsibility 4 non-core,distracting,time consuming&difficult issues whilst u concentrate on things making u money. @isoscelesfin n It saves time, effort, manpower & the cost of investing, maintaining software & IT infrastructure, thus delivering economies of scale. @SafeComputingUK organizations to focus on their core competencies. Adam Mansfield (via LinkedIn) GET IN TOUCH will be w-look Outsource st Each issue the ne some of the augu ts from featuring though urce tso make up the Ou individuals who bers of our ers, tweeters, mem mmunity: read co ps, and those r networking grou LinkedIn and othe issues of the day. comment on the fraction of we’ve invited to ever represent a se, this can only Of cour ace through ersation taking pl debate and conv the /365, so to keep d channels 24/7 e aforementione th us: up to date, join azine.co.uk w.outsourcemag Web: ww cemag Twitter: @outsour t.ly/ Advisors http://bi LinkedIn: Users & dvisors OutsourceUsersA urceVendors tp://bit.ly/Outso Vendors ht “He who has a why to live can bear almost any how.” - Friedrich Nietzsche www.outsourcemagazine.co.uk 111 ●● ●●●● http://www.outsourcemagazine.co.uk http://www.bit.ly/ http://www.bit.ly/OutsourceVendors http://www.outsourcemagazine.co.uk

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Outsource Issue 23
News & Comment
IT Security
Ian Collard
More Than Just A Headcount
Call Centre Technology
Social Issues
Understanding Value
Cutting Through The Noise
All In The Genes?
It’s Time For Contact Centres To Get Socially Responsible
Right From The Start
All In The Game
Relationship Management Centres
NOA Roundup
Document Management
Digital Vision
Review Ructions
Provider Perspective
A New Reckoning?
The Music of Outsourcing
Accelerating Innovation
Labour Arbitrage
Top Ten Tips
The Legal View
HfS: New outsource Partner
Online Round-Up
Inside Source
The Last Word

Outsource Issue 23