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TOP TEN COMMUNICATING WITH PROSPECTS Jolie Newman launches our new “Top Ten” series by taking a look at how better communication can make a better business (with a little help from Humpty Dumpty…) Jolie Newman, ProEdit Solutions Jolie Newman is president of ProEdit Solutions, helping outsourcing service providers excel in their deal pursuit-related communications. Jolie has nearly 30 years of expertise in business-to-business public relations, marketing and communications; she is also a columnist for Outsource online. L 98 ●● ast summer I read a fascinating Wall Street Journal article entitled “Lost in Translation.” While the main thrust of the article was the extent to which language influences culture, the author used the nursery rhyme, “Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall…” as a stage-setter to demonstrate how much languages differ from one another. The author said, “In English, we have to mark the verb for tense…we say ‘sat’ rather than ‘sit.’ In Indonesian you need not (in fact, you can’t) change the verb to mark tense. In Russian, you would have to mark tense and also gender, changing the verb if Mrs. Humpty did the sitting…In Turkish, you would have to include in the verb how you acquired this information. For example, if you saw the chubby fellow on the wall with your own eyes, you’d use one form of the verb, but if you had simply read or heard about it, you’d use a different form.” What does this have to do with the outsourcing and offshoring industry? It’s a silly yet sage reminder that whether on their website, in sales presentations, collateral, bylined articles or RFP responses – even in e-mails and LinkedIn postings – service providers must use language and a communications style that matches that of their prospects to most effectively sell their solutions. The earliest known version of the Humpty Dumpty rhyme dates from 1803. www.outsourcemagazine.co.uk ● http://www.outsourcemagazine.co.uk

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Outsource Issue 23
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It’s Time For Contact Centres To Get Socially Responsible
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A New Reckoning?
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Outsource Issue 23