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| WORK IT OUT| F itness classes are a great way to get in shape within a sociable setting. And if you attend a class with a friend, you’re more likely to stay the course. But with a new craze hitting the headlines each week, it’s hard to know which of them will be right for you. Here’s a rundown of the different classes taking off in UK gyms and leisure centres… you’ll soon have ‘fantastic muscle tone and strength.’ Calorie count Banish 300 calories each session and watch as your muscle definition improves. CARDIOVASCULAR WORKOUT CLASSES Spinning In a nutshell, group sessions on indoor exercise bikes. Benefits If you find it hard to motivate yourself and tend to just plod along on an exercise bike, this class is for you. You’ll be pushed to cycle ‘uphill’ and in fast spurts to go with the music. And because you’re in a group, you’re less likely to slack off. It’s great for your cardio fitness – and, of course, your legs and bum. Calorie count Say goodbye to about 400 calories an hour. to up-to-date music from popular artists, as well as movie classics. Benefits It’ll get you swirling around the dance floor like your fave Strictly celeb and improves posture, too. Calorie count It will help you to burn around 350 calories an hour. CONDITIONING AND FLEXIBILITY CLASSES Power Plate This is a vibrating platform that you stand on while you do exercises lasting 30-60 seconds before you move on to the next exercise. Power Plate classes are fun-filled, short sharp workouts typically lasting 30 minutes. Benefits Vibration training will change your body shape by lifting, firming and toning. It helps increase bone density and bloodflow, making it helpful for arthritis and joint pain. Calorie count A 15-minute session burns up to 400 calories an hour. STRENGTH AND RESISTANCE CLASSES Boxercise Based on the training used by boxers to keep fit, a typical class involves shadow-boxing, circuits, skipping, hitting pads, kicking punchbags, press-ups and sit-ups. As there’s no scary component, it’s a fun, challenging and safe workout. Benefits Boxercise works the arms, abs and backs, so you’ll be able to punch your way to a toned torso in no time. You’ll also get a great cardiovascular workout from all the skipping and circuit training. Calorie count Expect to burn up to 600 calories an hour. Zumba A fusion of Latin dances – merengue, salsa, mambo, samba, reggaeton, cumbia and hip hop. Get your blood pumping and your hips swaying with a traditional Latin soundtrack. Benefits A full body workout and a boogie all in one! You’re taught easy-to-learn toning steps and members leave classes feeling energised and uplifted and, over time, fitter and more toned. Calorie count It’s no wonder the Brazilians look so toned! Zumba shakes off up to 700 caloriesto just For more info on beauty go in one dance session. Beautcamp Pilates It’s pilates, but a hardcore version. From LA, Beautcamp Pilates is a scheme that uses ‘reformer’ machines to produce results quickly. Benefits Favoured by the likes of Jennifer Aniston and Liz Hurley, Beautcamp is the sure-fire way to get an A-list body. The regime of stretches, resistance work, weights, lunges, squats and sit-ups gives you a highly intense, full body cardio workout combined with specific strength, core and flexibility strengthening. This means you burn fat fast for a leaner silhouette. It also helps to improve posture, gives you a flat stomach and leaner thighs – what’s not to love? Calorie count It uses up around 300 calories an hour. ✱ WORDS: KIA HANSEN | PHOTOGRAPHS: GETTY IMAGES | *ALL CALORIE AMOUNTS ARE AVERAGES, BASED ON A 70KG WOMAN AND WILL VARY ACCORDING TO CLASS AND INDIVIDUALS Igna aut acipis nullutet, se dolor iure modit iurerostrud duis BODYPUMP A barbell class that strengthens your body. This strong workout challenges all your major muscle groups with the best weight-room exercises – such as squats, presses, lifts and curls – all in a group environment with funky music. Benefits It will give you increased strength and endurance in your major muscle groups, improve overall fitness, and make you buff. Since it is weight-bearing, it will also improve your bone density, helping ward off conditions such as osteoporosis. Calorie count Burning up to 400 per class, you’ll be trim in no time. Strictly Fit Classes based on dances from the popular BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing, programme and includes dances such as the Argentine tango, foxtrot, rumba and the American Smooth. All the exciting new moves are set ViPR Pronounced ‘viper,’ it stands for vitality, performance and reconditioning. You spend an hour carrying, tilting and flipping a tube weighing 4-20kg. Benefits The technique, based on Canadian farming methods, works on muscles, respiratory and cardio functions. It’s based on the belief the whole body in one movement produces better results than programmes that target set muscles. The creator of the technique, Michol Dalcourt, promises AND FOUR NEW CLASSES ON THE BLOCK… TABATA A high-level interval training workout involving 20 seconds of ultra-intense exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest. Repeat this continuously for four minutes (eight cycles) – and you’ll nd it’s a great way to burn o fat and increase stamina. KRANKING This involves upper-body rotational exercise – or spinning with your arms, to you and me. Using the Kranking bike improves cardio tness, core and upper body strength, and is great for people with reduced lower-body mobility. JUKARI Inspired by the spirit, artistry and exibility of Cirque du Soleil performers and Reebok’s expertise in women’s tness. The classes use a lightweight elastic band and will help to improve muscle tone, exibility and co-ordination. TRIXTER X DREAM This super workout blends gaming and exercise and involves an exercise bike with a computer screen attached. It’s a total-body workout that can burn up to 50% more calories than a regular exercise bike. JUNE 2011 | 189

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