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{real-life} ‘My trusty motor caravan gives me the freedom to go anywhere at any time without compromising on the comfort us girls tend to insist upon’ ann Michelle, Caravan Club member we love life in the open Stephen Austin, 44: ‘I love the timelessness of camping. There are no clocks, watches, emails or texts – just the sun rising and setting and the sizzle of food on the barbecue.’ Louisa and Kevin Barnes from south-east London: ‘We own “Beryl”, a VW campervan. Once we got over its sedate speed, we grew to love the relaxed pace, the smiles on the road and the club feel around fellow campervan owners.’ Former Olympic downhill skier and member of the Caravan Club, Graham Bell: ‘I have ended up using a caravan regularly for cost-effective accommodation when travelling around the skiing circuit, and more recently experienced driving a huge Recreational Vehicle in America while travelling in Alaska.’ A female angler for the past 20 years, Ann Michelle, Caravan Club Member: ‘My trusty motor caravan gives me the freedom to go anywhere at any time without compromising on the comfort us girls tend to insist upon. We tend to use the motor caravan every other weekend and have travelled as far as Switzerland and Germany in search of beautiful scenery and some great fishing.’ Former Formula One racing driver Mark Blundell, Caravan Club Member: ‘Races can last three or four days if you take in practice, so having your own home with you in the paddock is far more practical and probably cheaper than living in a hotel room. We have all our creature comforts in the motor caravan which means the family feel at home wherever we are.’ MAY 2011 | 011

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of AT Home with Lorraine Kelly - June 2011

Editor’s letter
Hello from Lorraine
Notebook news
Update your calendar
Mum’s the word
In the shade
Beach baggage
Pick a straw
Foot fever
Be bold
Beach chic
Vintage veterans
Celebrity style
Up close and personal
Steal Lorraine's style
Lorraine and friends
Happy hiker
Birth order
Going the distance
Intimacy in numbers
Tales of triumph
Breaking up
Splits in the spotlight
Skill savvy
Bucket list
Serious saving
Big days
Notorious nuptials
In the know
Treat your feet
Drink up
Time of the month
Conception made clear
Manage your menopause
The big C
Battling the blues
Skinny stars
Health hotlist
The new atkins
Sumptuous Summer
Stop fussing
Gym bunny
Hot to trot
Crystal clear
Stop the clock
Dimple doom
Forever young
Make-up made easy
Polish perfect
Luscious locks
Fix it
Dental dos
Banish that blemish
Shopping for baby
Size 20 at seven
Indian spice
Exotic Indonesia
Lone traveller
Offshore weddings
Summer makeover
Room revamp
Keep cosy
Feeling board?
Coming soon
Craft savvy
Guilty pleasure
Rock that frock
Book corner
Final countdown
TRAVEL - Celeb campers
TRAVEL - Camp it up
TRAVEL - We love it
TRAVEL - Little britain
TRAVEL - Holiday lodges
TRAVEL - Quirky places to stay
TRAVEL - Transport yourself
TRAVEL - Best days out
TRAVEL - A brit special
PETS - Star pooches
PETS - Pet products
PETS - Make the right choice
PETS - Caring for your animal
PETS - Feeding time
PETS - When pets get poorly
PETS - time to shift some weight
PETS - Me and my beloved pet
PETS - Animal rescue
PETS - What a picture!
CAREERS - Lorraine's career path
CAREERS - Beauty and brains
CAREERS - C'est chic
CAREERS - Girls at work
CAREERS - Just the job!
CAREERS - Go out and get it
CAREERS - Pick and choose

AT Home with Lorraine Kelly - June 2011