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rEal lifE ✴ PETS dawned on me that, lovely as our cat Houdini is, I wanted a dog, too. But Jonathan wouldn’t even discuss the matter. As the years rolled by, it was always a firm no from him. chaNgE of hEart golden boy. He was lively but not too pushy and, when I picked him up, he just seemed to melt into my arms. I was hooked. ‘Two weeks later, we were able to bring our new puppy, Teddy – and it took months and several arguments for the whole family to agree on that name – home.’ Waiting for a game: Teddy is a non-stop bundle of joy ‘Then nine months ago, a miracle happened. The five of us went on a tepee camping trip and Jonathan – not a dog lover at the best of times – took a shine to the campsite owner’s Jack Russell/ collie cross. He played ball with her and, to my surprise, seemed to enjoy this interaction thoroughly. ‘That weekend we all worked on him, and by Monday he pretty much caved in – with the proviso that the children and I would take full responsibility for whatever hound we found.’ a NEw lifE ‘Since then, life has been very busy, but the children have been brilliant at helping with house training and they take him out to the garden whenever I ask. They also mop up accidents, so you really can’t say fairer than that. Be warned: having a ers Choose your breed it them to see for care – and vis prove of yourself that you ap ir dogs are cared the way the to wait for. and be prepared right puppy for the WeLL bred with DEcisioN timE ‘I set about researching breeds but it was an easy decision for me. I had already fallen in love with a friend’s cockapoo – a poodle/cocker-spaniel cross – and knew them to be a very affectionate, child-friendly breed. Their coats are silky soft and also non-shedding, which is another plus. ‘I fleetingly considered a rescue dog but my local centre seemed awash with adult dogs that were unsuitable for homes with kids. Clearly a no-no. Plus, I wanted the children to experience choosing and raising their own puppy.’ ‘We fell in love with a wee golden boy. He was lively but not too pushy and, when I picked him up, he just seemed to melt into my arms. I was hooked. Two weeks later, we brought Teddy home’ puppy is like caring for a newborn but without the leaky bits and stitches. ‘Yes, they howl the house down for the first few nights. Yes, they pee and poo on the kitchen floor without prior notice. Yes, they nip and chew (invariably your favourite pair of shoes unless you are very vigilant) – but this is nothing compared with the utter fun and joy that they bring into the home. ‘Regrets? I have just one. That we didn’t do it years earlier.’ the crossbreed craze Cross-breed dogs are the thing of the moment, with ‘poodle’ cross-breeds, which cost upwards of £650, topping the list. Here’s a few crossbreeds to look out for, plus the reason why they make such popular four-legged friends… ExpErt kNowlEDgE ‘I located an experienced breeder in Lincolnshire and arranged to make a fact-finding trip to meet them, their cocker bitches (‘scuse my French) and Ziggy, their good-natured stud poodle. ‘Just in case it didn’t work out, I went up there without the children. In fact I needn’t have worried. I was hugely impressed by the way the pups were raised and by the breeder’s patience in showing me round and answering my many questions. I paid an initial deposit on the spot. ‘Now all I had to do was wait for nature to take its course. I was on the waiting list for a pup from their next litter. ‘Within a few months, they contacted me to announce that one of their most experienced mummies, Pippa, had given birth to eight pups and one of them would be mine. I was elated.’ words: annabel goldstaub wright | photographs: jonathan wright Isabella with a very new Teddy: aged nine weeks lovE at first sight ‘We all went back to Lincolnshire when the pups turned six weeks to make our selection and fell in love with a wee Teddy’s first walk off the lead, when he rolled in mud! ✴ LabradoodLe – Labrador/PoodLe Combines the lovable family-friendly temperament of the Labrador with the ever-popular poodle. Gorgeous wavy to curly non-shedding coats but also needs regular grooming. a large breed that requires a lot of walking, so not for the exercise-shy. ✴ PuggLe – PuG/beaGLe energetic, lively little dogs. Need at least a 40-minute walk each day. Their short coats need little grooming, though. ✴ CavaCHon – CavaLier KiNG CharLes sPaNieL/biChoN Frisé very gentle breed that needs less exercise than most. a half-hour walk each day should suffice. Their curly-haired coats need regular brushing. ✴ WestiePoo – WesT hiGhLaNd Terrier/PoodLe a hardy little dog with an independent spirit. Westiepoos need to be trimmed regularly by a professional groomer to stop their coats from matting. They don’t need excessive amounts of exercise and have an aversion to the cold… so no long winter treks, then. JUNE 2011 | 43

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AT Home with Lorraine Kelly - June 2011