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| promotion| Beauty and the botch important – if you’ve had a tattoo done in the past three years and you believe that you have experienced problems, you should follow it up straight away – you might be able to make a claim. A free consultation with EAD will help you to decide whether you can take it further.' Whatever your beauty treatment trauma, the advice is clear: if you’re not sure whether you have a case, check with the experts. It won’t cost you anything and you could gain more than your restored pride! ComPEnSATIon For EyEBroW Agony When n went to a different salon from normal for an eyebrow wax and tint, the beautician failed to carry out any skin patch or allergy tests before the £11 treatment. The following morning her eyes were swollen and closed and her forehead felt swollen. Her upper eyelids were weeping a yellow discharge and she also had weeping pustules in her eyebrows. She bathed the areas in boiled water and saw her gP two days later. The affected skin remained itchy, sore and scabbed for the next two weeks and n continued to suffer continuing problems with her eyebrows from that point onwards. Before approaching EAD Solicitors, n went back to the salon to complain and, although one member of staff confirmed that they had recently 'changed their products', the manager refused to do anything. EAD Solicitors arranged for n to be examined by a consultant dermatologist, who diagnosed acute contact dermatitis caused by hair colorant. n had been having eyebrow wax and tints regularly – three or four times every year – and had only ever had one previous allergic reaction, when a friend had waxed her eyebrows. Then, overheating the wax had resulted in just one eyebrow area reacting. However, the salon refused to settle because of this, so EAD began court proceedings. Happily, EAD was able to settle the claim before the hearing took place and n received more than £2,700 in compensation. Katy Link of leading Liverpool law firm EAD Solicitors has made it her business to tackle head on bad beauty treatment. A member of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL), Katy offers her advice on making a claim if you’ve suffered because of botched beauty therapy e all do it. We book an appointment at a beauty salon full of optimism. It’s a treat to look forward to and we visualise ourselves afterwards, feeling and looking stunning. Unfortunately, if something goes wrong, the end result can be the exact opposite. ‘Legal compensation isn’t just for major cosmetic surgery disasters,’ says Katy. ‘If you’ve ever ended up feeling disappointed, embarrassed, in pain or even disfigured after a hair or beauty appointment, help is at hand. EAD Solicitors has a team of sympathetic male and female experts ready to handle claims for treatments that have caused damage.’ Typical beauty treatment cases tackled by EAD can involve any ordinary procedures. These include: ● Facial/eyebrow/body waxing. ● Eyebrow/eyelash/hair tinting. ● Eyelash/hair extensions. ● Tattoo/body piercing. ● Semi-permanent make-up. ● Hair treatments. Injuries can be caused by human error or failure to follow good practice, such as not doing a patch test, overheating the wax, spilling the wax, or using products that differ from those used previously. W Was your treatment negligent? As Katy points out, beauty treatment injuries resulting from negligence are no laughing matter: 'They can be unsightly and extremely unpleasant,' she says. 'Whether it’s hair damage or skin conditions ranging from burns to scarring, inflammation, swelling, blistering, discolouration and even infection.' Katy advises: 'If you’ve ever suffered any of these adverse reactions or injuries following your visit to a salon, you may be entitled to compensation. Did you know that skin patch tests should be carried out in good time before any treatment is performed? Were you given a patch test? Were you asked about your allergies? Was your beauty therapist qualified? 'If you believe that you’ve been treated negligently, EAD can give you a free legal consultation, and we’ll then advise whether you have a valid personal injury claim. If so, we can handle your case on a no-win, no-fee basis with the goal of getting you the compensation that you deserve.' Tattoo traumas They have never been more popular; having a tattoo tells a story about you and it’s there for life – so what can you do legally if it goes wrong? Katy explains: 'With tattoos, timing is FOR MORE INFORMATION If you would like legal advice, contact: Katy Link (0151 291 2536) or Linda Schwartz (0151 291 2535) at EAD Solicitors LLP, Prospect House, Columbus Quay, Liverpool L3 4DB. Call 0151 735 1000 or visit Follow the company on Facebook and Twitter.

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of AT Home with Lorraine Kelly - June 2011

Editor’s letter
Hello from Lorraine
Notebook news
Update your calendar
Mum’s the word
In the shade
Beach baggage
Pick a straw
Foot fever
Be bold
Beach chic
Vintage veterans
Celebrity style
Up close and personal
Steal Lorraine's style
Lorraine and friends
Happy hiker
Birth order
Going the distance
Intimacy in numbers
Tales of triumph
Breaking up
Splits in the spotlight
Skill savvy
Bucket list
Serious saving
Big days
Notorious nuptials
In the know
Treat your feet
Drink up
Time of the month
Conception made clear
Manage your menopause
The big C
Battling the blues
Skinny stars
Health hotlist
The new atkins
Sumptuous Summer
Stop fussing
Gym bunny
Hot to trot
Crystal clear
Stop the clock
Dimple doom
Forever young
Make-up made easy
Polish perfect
Luscious locks
Fix it
Dental dos
Banish that blemish
Shopping for baby
Size 20 at seven
Indian spice
Exotic Indonesia
Lone traveller
Offshore weddings
Summer makeover
Room revamp
Keep cosy
Feeling board?
Coming soon
Craft savvy
Guilty pleasure
Rock that frock
Book corner
Final countdown
TRAVEL - Celeb campers
TRAVEL - Camp it up
TRAVEL - We love it
TRAVEL - Little britain
TRAVEL - Holiday lodges
TRAVEL - Quirky places to stay
TRAVEL - Transport yourself
TRAVEL - Best days out
TRAVEL - A brit special
PETS - Star pooches
PETS - Pet products
PETS - Make the right choice
PETS - Caring for your animal
PETS - Feeding time
PETS - When pets get poorly
PETS - time to shift some weight
PETS - Me and my beloved pet
PETS - Animal rescue
PETS - What a picture!
CAREERS - Lorraine's career path
CAREERS - Beauty and brains
CAREERS - C'est chic
CAREERS - Girls at work
CAREERS - Just the job!
CAREERS - Go out and get it
CAREERS - Pick and choose

AT Home with Lorraine Kelly - June 2011