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| BEAUTY LESSONS| 1 BEGIN ADDING AN EYE COLOUR Choose an eye palette of complementary shades. Brush the lightest shade over your whole eyelid, making sure that you get well into the socket. Add any matte or neutral shade over just the lid. Try Benefit’s Big Beautiful Eyes, £24.50, an eye contour kit for enhancing and defining eye colour with nude shades and brushes for easy application. 2 APPLY MORE DRAMATIC SHADES LORRAINE SAYS... ‘THE BEST MAKE-UP TRICK I’VE PICKED UP, FROM HAVING WORKED WITH PROFESSIONAL MAKE-UP ARTISTS, IS TO USE BROWN EYELINER AND BROWN MASCARA, AS THEY’RE SOFTER WHEN YOU’RE A BIT MORE MATURE.’ Now jazz up the look with metallic or darker eyeshadow colours. The inner corners, around the lash line and along the crease are the best places to apply. Use a different brush for each colour you use, so as not to get a smudgy effect. Use your prime colour brush to blend. Try Mac Purple Haze and Electric Eel Eyeshadows, £11.50 each, to add drama to your eyelids. Eyes 3 CAREFULLY USE AN EYELINER Whether going for a Twiggy, Amy Winehouse or Brigitte Bardot look – or just a plain smokey e ect – there are beauty basics for every eye make-up style. Here’s a step-by-step guide that can be applied as the basis to whatever impression you’re going for. Embellish it or tone it down a level for the particular occasion. We’ve sourced our favourite beauty products to give you some fresh ideas for the summer. If applying eyeliner on the lid, the choice to do it before or after the application of the darker shades is up to you (make-up artists vary in opinion, and it depends how strong you want the line to stand out). The key thing to achieving a contour that matches the shape of your lid is to thicken the line in the middle of the eye. Blend in as much as you like with your previous shades. Cotton buds help erase mistakes. Try Bobbi Brown’s Long Wear Gel Eyeliner, £15.50. 4 GO FOR A SMOKEY LOOK For colour on the bottom lashes (think smokey eyes), use an eyeliner as it’s easier to smudge. Once applied, run your finger along to smudge the line. Eyeshadow can be applied to create a fuller effect. The trick to the perfect smokey eye is to pick a shade that suits you, and you feel confident in. You can choose muted grey or blue for a softer look. Try No7 Stay Perfect Eye Palette in Classic Matte, £10.25 and Bobbi Brown Creamy Eye Pencil in Caviar, £15. 5 LAYER UP THE MASCARA Mascara needs to be applied in several thick coats. Work the first layer through all the lashes, lifting the lashes up as you pull the colour through. Follow slowly with the next layers. An extra volumising mascara can be used for further depth and bulk. Try YSL’s Volume Effet Faux Cils, £22, to boost lashe volume. Bottom lashes look luscious with Clinique’s Bottom Lash Mascara Icon, £10. JUNE 2011 | 215

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PETS - Pet products
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PETS - Caring for your animal
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PETS - When pets get poorly
PETS - time to shift some weight
PETS - Me and my beloved pet
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AT Home with Lorraine Kelly - June 2011