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| FIT KIDS| Sarah Martin, 39, lives in Kettering, Northants with her husband Richard and their daughter Lara, aged 12 ‘Lara was born LARA BEFORE a normal weight – she was 6lb 2.5oz – her problems began when she started school at the age of five and she realised she was bigger than all the other children. ‘As she got older, she started to get teased and soon it became a really difficult job to get her to go to school LARA AFTER – she would hide under the kitchen table and I couldn’t get her out of the house. She was so frightened. I went to the school so many times and at the infants they were very understanding and helpful. But when she went up to the junior school at the age of seven, the bullying became a major problem. ‘By the age of seven or eight she was a size 20 – I never weighed her, but that was her dress size at her heaviest. The other girls were petite and she was so much bigger, it was tough on her. Even then, though, she was very active, running around, using her scooter all the time, playing football and hockey. I couldn’t understand why she was so big, when she did so much activity. ‘I did all I could to help – I took her to the doctor and he told me she would grow out of it. A lot of it was food-related – she lacked confidence because of the bullying and the school was not very supportive, so she would comfort eat. There was a time when she would eat six to eight packets of crisps a day during school time.’ advice would be to help Lara, and he asked if I’d consider putting her on a programme with MEND, which advises both parents and children about how they can think differently about eating, exercising and living more healthily. I talked it over with Lara and Richard, and we decided it would be a good thing for all of us to do, and a programme came up quite quickly, based in our local community centre. ‘As soon as we went there, Lara fitted in straightaway. She was weighed, her waist measurement was taken and her body mass index (BMI) calculated, but because the other children – about 12 in total – were all doing it, she didn’t mind too much. ‘The children were given all the support they needed from the staff and were encouraged to participate in all the activities. It did us all good, because it made us talk more about what was going on and helped Lara to open up. Lara loved it and was really pleased she was doing it. What’s good about it is that it’s not a diet and the staff are not there to tell you what to do, they just advise and give you information about how you can eat healthily. ‘The course went on for 10 weeks, for 90 minutes each week, and we would cycle there and back, which was a two-mile round trip. After the indoor sessions, the kids would go and play outside. Parents would watch or sit together talking to each other, and for us, that made us realise that we were not the only ones going through it. ‘Since the programme, Lara has changed her eating habits – before she wouldn’t eat breakfast but we were all told how important it is to kickstart the metabolism, so she has it every day now. They also provide healthy eating recipes that you can use with the children so they can see how to make healthy meals.’ NOW LOOK AT ME ‘It is three years since Lara started the programme and she’s come on leaps and bounds. She has lost a stone-and-a-half and she’s grown, so she’s 5ft 2in and a size 16. She’s got very slim arms and legs, but still carries weight around her stomach. She does not stop doing activities – she takes part in after-school clubs, she’s always riding her bike, the trampoline is brilliant because it’s great exercise, and she plays a lot of basketball at school. ‘The bullying has stopped, too, because she’s got much more confident and is so much healthier. People don’t judge her any more. She’s a lot happier and more outgoing and she talks and listens a lot more.’ LARA’S STORY ‘I have lots of friends now. I really enjoy swimming and basketball as well ’ ‘What I love about the programme is that I get to go to places and I’ve made friends there, too. They teach you about how much you eat at each meal and how much is too much and how it’s better to lose weight over time, rather than quickly, because otherwise you put it all on again. I eat more fruit now and not so many crisps or cakes. I actually grow fruit in my garden and we’ve got some strawberries coming up now. ‘Kids used to be mean to me and some still call me names but most people have stopped. I have lots of friends now and I feel happier because I’ve lost weight. I really enjoy basketball and swimming, too. The best part of the programme was when we were all taken to see the Saints rugby team playing and cycling there every week with mum and dad.’ ✱ it comes to healthy eating for children, you need to start earlier than eight years old, I think. Don’t make food a big issue, but always have fruit around, especially grapes and berries, and cut up bananas and apples for snacks. Don’t have cupboards full of junk food, and fizzy drinks and sweets should only be a treat every now and again.’ Lorraine says...’When e About the MEND programm Established in 2004, the MEND programme was devised at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children and the University College London Institute of Child Health. It helps children and their families become fitter, healthier and happier by o ering free healthy living programmes in the local community. Specialist teams of dieticians, nutritionists, exercise professionals and psychologists design programmes, services and resources to help adults and children. For more information, go to THE MAIN TURNING POINT ‘It all changed when Dave Staff, a representative from the healthy living programme, MEND (Mind, Exercise, Nutrition… Do It!), came to the school to talk about health and fitness. I approached him afterwards and asked what his The MEND team helps to promote child fitness JUNE 2011 | 241

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