Jobs and Careers - Hilary Devey 2012 - (Page 160)

recruiters JOBSEARCH creative WE tAkE A SnApSHOt Of tHE CREAtivE induStRiES fOR tHOSE SEEking tO ExpRESS tHEiR ARtiStiC flAiR… review rom advertising to film, the creative industries employ more than two million people in the UK. As well as contributing significantly to the economy, the UK is home to an array of renowned media organisations, in particular the BBC and Elstree Studios. And, as well as traditionally artistic roles, a variety of other positions require an equal level of flair, albeit without a stage or studio. The digital world, for example, is becoming a hub for creative roles, so those looking for an inventive career need to broaden their search to make sure they are aware of the variety of jobs available in the wake of the cyber revolution… F 160

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Jobs and Careers - Hilary Devey 2012

Hilary's hello
The home office
Dress to impress
The woman at the top
Your guide to education
Intern success
What do you mean?
CV don’ts
The thrill of the search
Money matters
Moving on.
Let’s get medical
Medical know-how
Caring and sharing
A senior moment?
Keeping it clean
Going global
Funeral services
Home sweet home
Constructing a career
As good as new
Power on
Engineering heroes
Changing gear
A bright spark!
Water work
Bank on it
Insure your career
Nice supplies
Get creative!
Don’t sell yourself short
Food for thought
Hilary Devey Q&A
Get connected
Online round-up

Jobs and Careers - Hilary Devey 2012