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FOREWORD TO THIS ISSUE OF JOBS & CAREERS here is no denying that these are difficult times – and that’s one of the reasons I’ve teamed up with Jobs & Careers magazine! I want to give anyone looking to get on to the career ladder, or take the next step up, the advice, hints and tips they’re looking for. But at the end of the day, while these are demanding times, it’s up to each of you to rise to the challenge. Advice will only get you so far. You need to be determined to succeed on your own, no matter how difficult the economy or how discouraging the job market. You’re the only one who can improve your life – and you have to work hard, and keep a positive attitude, in order to do it. Having said that, you’re off to a good start with this issue. In these pages you’ll find the tips I mentioned earlier – and also messages from companies from across the country who are looking to recruit right now. If you’re determined to get ahead, you know where to start looking. What are you waiting for? Good luck! welcome T PICTURES: BBC Pictures Hilary Devey 013

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Jobs and Careers - Hilary Devey 2012

Hilary's hello
The home office
Dress to impress
The woman at the top
Your guide to education
Intern success
What do you mean?
CV don’ts
The thrill of the search
Money matters
Moving on.
Let’s get medical
Medical know-how
Caring and sharing
A senior moment?
Keeping it clean
Going global
Funeral services
Home sweet home
Constructing a career
As good as new
Power on
Engineering heroes
Changing gear
A bright spark!
Water work
Bank on it
Insure your career
Nice supplies
Get creative!
Don’t sell yourself short
Food for thought
Hilary Devey Q&A
Get connected
Online round-up

Jobs and Careers - Hilary Devey 2012