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How to get into THE INDUSTRY MAY HAVE HAD A BATTERING RECENTLY, BUT THERE ARE STILL PLENTY OF OPPORTUNITIES FOR A FULFILLING CAREER IN BANKING owever much the media slate the banking industry, the bottom line is that they are a vital part of our economy and, for that reason, working in this eld is still an attractive career option, particularly for graduates. There are three main banking sectors and many roles within each… banking H face to face or from call centres. Mainly dealing with administrative functions but also expected to sell services and products to customers. ✱Branch Management Graduate Schemes: A two-year training programme, graduates learn about nancial products, leadership and customer services and are then given the responsibility of managing a branch or leading a sales function. After a couple of years, Branch Managers usually become Area Managers. ✱Product Managers: Conceive and deliver the services they o er customers, whether that's credit cards, online or mobile banking, or insurance. Marketing roles identify demand for particular products or services and devise and put into place promotional campaigns to take advantage of this. ✱Operations Management: Known as Business Analysts, change Managers or Project Managers. Responsible for devising operational e ciencies (including downsizing strategies), running the banks' systems and processes as well as coming up with ways to transform the way the business operates across nance, risk and technology functions. ✱Risk Management: This covers risk at a group level – Credit, Operational and Market Risk Managers – as well as people advising on whether to issue personal loans and mortgages. Fraud prevention jobs are also integral to retail banks' risk divisions, whether they involve protecting customers' personal details (or information security), anti-money laundering (AML) roles or jobs in preventing bribery and corruption. RETAIL BANKING Also known as personal nancial services, this is the face of banking that all of us are so familiar with and the main purpose is executing transactions directly with consumers. Services provided for customers include savings, credit and debit cards, mortgages and personal loans as well as dealing with transactional accounts. General insurance transactions like car and home insurance come under the umbrella of retail banking and it now encompasses some wealth management services, helping people make the most of their money. KEY ROLES: ✱Customer Services: Either in branch dealing with customers WORDS: Georgina Maric | PICTURES: Getty Images Working in till banking is s e an attractiv n career optio 144

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Jobs and Careers - Hilary Devey 2012