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industries INSURANCE AND PENSIONS Insure career yourself a future JObS wIthIN thE INSURANCE AND PENSIONS INDUStRy ARE vARIED – SOmE EvEN SEE yOU tRAvEllINg thE wORlD! whAt’S mORE, IN AN UNSEttlED JObS mARkEt, thIS SECtOR hAS REmAINED StAblE, mAkINg A mOvE INtO thESE PROfESSIONS A SECURE ONE W hatever the economic climate, individuals and businesses alike will always need insurance. That’s why considering a profession in this sector is a sensible career choice because it is, and should remain, a stable industry. Although your daily work will involve working with risk factors, a job within the insurance industry should not be a risky one. Another industry that’s worth careful consideration is that of pensions: as long as people are living and breathing, they’ll need pensions and life insurance – and professionals to run them. INSURANCE There are many roles within the insurance industry, from Brokers and Underwriters to Claims Advisors and Loss Adjusters. And, if you’re not a graduate, don’t be put off: there are several jobs within the sector that don’t require you to have a degree. Your working experience can be just as valuable. There are also perks within this sector that you may not be aware of – a Loss Adjuster, for example, may get to travel the world as part of his work. We take a look at some of the main roles in the insurance industry. WORDS: Jo Willacy | PICTURES: Getty Images 151

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Jobs and Careers - Hilary Devey 2012