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ash sf l New The battlefront of unemployment launched a new series of Battlefront, a programme focused on young campaigners. This year, the series is dedicated to helping young hopefuls get into employment. Along with celebrity mentors, including Fairy Jobmother, Hayley Taylor, and ex- Dragons’ Den star, James Caan, the programme will follow four campaigners, who have all been given employment within the Channel 4 production team, in their quest to raise awareness of youth unemployment. Hayley Taylor will mentor 20-year-old Chelsie, who has been unable to nd employment since leaving college a year ago. Hayley says: “Being a mentor on Battlefront allows me to make a contribution towards helping young people to nd and sustain employment and make a di erence to not only their life but the lives of other young people who nd themselves in the same position. Campaigning for employers and the government to sit up and take notice is essential, as youth unemployment is the most pressing economic issue that the country currently faces.” Channel 4 has T At senio r manage executiv ment and el compris evel, men e8 the work 3% of force Hilary Devey here is no denying that these An online competition – You are di cult Are 5 Stars (, times - and – launched by Laureate Hospitality that’s one of the reasons Education Worldwide, is giving I’ve teamed up with Jobs young people the opportunity to run their own virtual hotel. & Careers Magazine: to You are 5 Stars is open to 15-togive anyone looking to get 30-year-olds from around the world onto the career ladder, or (including the UK) and has been take the a collection of hospitality created by next step up, the advice, hints and tips they’re management institutions to increase awareness at careers looking for. But of the end in the industry. of the day, while these are Competition challenging participants will vie times, it’s up to for the chance to win an amazing each of you to rise experience' 'world-class hospitality to the challenge. Switzerland, only in China, USA,Advice willSpain or Australia. far. You need to get you so Senior Vice President of Laureate be determined to succeed Hospitality Education Worldwide on your own, no matter how explains: “The six players with di cult the economy or the highest number of ‘check-ins’ how discouraging the be for their hotel type will then job selected to interview with a jury of market. You’re the only one industry professionalsyour life who can change from top hospitality companies.” and you have to work hard, and keep a positive attitude, in order to do it. Having said that, you’re o to a good start by holding Jobs & Careers Magazine. In these pages you’ll nd the hints and tips I mentioned earlier – and also messages from companies from across the country who are looking to recruit right now. If you’re determined to pull yourself up, here you know where to start looking. What are you waiting for? RUN YOUR OWN HOTEL! 014

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Jobs and Careers - Hilary Devey 2012

Hilary's hello
The home office
Dress to impress
The woman at the top
Your guide to education
Intern success
What do you mean?
CV don’ts
The thrill of the search
Money matters
Moving on.
Let’s get medical
Medical know-how
Caring and sharing
A senior moment?
Keeping it clean
Going global
Funeral services
Home sweet home
Constructing a career
As good as new
Power on
Engineering heroes
Changing gear
A bright spark!
Water work
Bank on it
Insure your career
Nice supplies
Get creative!
Don’t sell yourself short
Food for thought
Hilary Devey Q&A
Get connected
Online round-up

Jobs and Careers - Hilary Devey 2012