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industries TRAVEL Heading W abroad GET PAID TO DISCOVER THE WORLD WITH A CAREER IN TRAVEL… ith global travel becoming an increasingly common activity – both for business and pleasure – the travel industry is thriving. From the sta that keep airports running on a daily basis, to the English-speaking journalists required to work abroad, there’s a spectrum of jobs that comprise the travel industry, or require employees to live abroad. Here, we explore just a few runways that could see your career go global… CABIN CREW WORDS: Jessie Bland | PICTURES: Getty Images, Shutterstock It may be a more obvious career avenue when you think of a role that will allow you to y (literally) but it is de nitely worth consideration if you’re interested in the travel industry and have the skills (and, at times, patience) to work with passengers. As with all hospitality-based positions, working as an airline attendant or a member of cabin crew requires a nothing-is-too-much attitude; without this ability to go out of your way in the name of customer service, you are likely to nd this role unful lling. On a day-to-day basis, you will be required to uphold and communicate health and safety regulations and procedures, o er food and duty-free gifts and, ultimately, ensure your passengers have the most comfortable journey possible. If working as a member of cabin crew interests you, then you’ll need the necessary skills and quali cations before you can begin working at 36,000 feet and let your career soar (excuse the pun). A second language is a distinct advantage when it comes to cabin crew applications – you will also be expected to demonstrate your ability to swim at least 25-30 metres, in the case of an emergency. As well as these more unusual credentials, customer service experience is typically required and a cabincrew-speci c quali cation will be necessary: either an Edexcel BTEC Certi cate in Preparation for Air Cabin Crew Service or the EMTA Awards Ltd (EAL) Certi cate in Air Cabin Crewing. For information about getting quali ed, take a look at the City & Guilds’ website (www. and the options available to you. The European Graduate Career Guide website (www. has some great tips about applying for jobs overseas including CV and covering letter advice. 083

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Jobs and Careers - Hilary Devey 2012