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success Y ou may not realise it, but engineering touches almost every aspect of your daily life. Take the recent London Olympic Games 2012, for instance: while they ran without a hitch, this was only made possible by a dedicated teams of Engineers; including the Geo-Engineers who performed site surveys to ensure the land was safe for building on, and the Structural Engineers who built the renowned velodrome (where we enjoyed so much success this summer). It was only with this network of Engineers then, that the UK was able to make this momentous event possible – without them the Olympic Park would still remain a sparse land of rubble, chemicals (and dashed hopes)… a highly skilled workforce to drive these regular innovations. And as technology becomes more advanced, and a more readily integrated aspect of your day-today activities, it’s no wonder that the sector is in need of tech- and science-savvy candidates to step up to the engineering plate. For those with a penchant for the ner foods in life (and a dream of becoming a real-life Willy Wonka): a career trajectory in food and drink could be the perfect recipe – working in product development, whipping up the next taste Engineering d, ‘B e o omes in The isnfctr r i iond have an e pin a need of toch t’s y – en n if i scievece-savv wro da canding’tes sensation to take the foodie market by storm, all the way to managing the machines that produce those ever-so moreish chocolate bars. But if your interests are more technology and science based, there are a multitude of relevant pathways. From electronics engineering – for those with a desire to pull apart, and recon gure, the most tricky of electrical systems – to individuals who rather than be centre-stage presenting on TV, would much rather be behind the scenes turning the cogs as a Broadcast Engineer. ENGINEERING IS FUNDAMENTAL TO MODERN LIFE, LYING AT THE VERY HEART OF YOUR INTERACTION WITH THE ENVIRONMENT – AND OTHERS. OF COURSE, THIS CREATES A HUGE NUMBER OF EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES FOR THOSE OF YOU WANTING TO PLY YOUR TRADE IN THIS MOST CRITICAL OF ARENAS… HIGH DEMAND FUTURE FORMING It’s not only these sporting games where engineering played a big part, however; the sector covers the entire process that is involved in the design, creation and maintaining of everything from high-rise buildings to the latest eco-friendly car – and, of course, this requires The engineering profession is one in constant need of skilled workers, too: making it ideal for those seeking a sector with plenty of job opportunities. The Institution of Civil Engineers (, for example, has estimated that over the next ten to 15 years around 50% of the UK’s present Chartered Civil Engineers will retire, which paves the way for a new generation. 114

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Jobs and Careers - Hilary Devey 2012