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Question TIME Q Q Q Q When we asked our readers, site visitors and Twitter followers to send their questions in to Hilary, it won't surprise you to hear that we were overwhelmed with a deluge of queries – and some outright fanmail, too… Here's a selection of your questions, and Hilary’s answers. When I was about six or seven and I was sitting on an orange box as the bailiffs took away all our furniture. I promised myself there and then that this would never again happen to me. Q Q Q Q AT WHAT POINT IN YOUR LIFE DID YOU FULLY REALISE THAT YOU WERE IN CONTROL OF YOUR OWN FUTURE?…Nick Newman WHAT STEPS WOULD YOU TAKE TO REFORM THE WELFARE STATE? …Richard Pelham This is a difficult one. I reserve judgement and recommend that you watch my programme The 1949 Dole O ce to be aired next year on Channel 4 which is right on topic. WHAT IS THE HARDEST PART ABOUT BEING ON DRAGONS' DEN? YOU LOOK LIKE YOU ALL HAVE A LOT OF FUN...Carol Mason IS IT IMPORTANT TO HAVE A ‘PHONE VOICE’ OR HAVE A ‘WORK PERSONALITY’ TO GET AHEAD?…Dave Bartlett It is a lot of fun. I like my fellow Dragons. The hardest part is that you have no idea of the product or the pitch the budding entrepreneurs are going to pitch and sometimes it is difficult to get any information out of them. A phone voice and a work personality are good attributes but they are no substitute for ability. WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS ON INFOGRAPHIC CVS? SHOULD WE ENCOURAGE GRADUATES TO USE THEM?…Minaxi Mipatel WHEN YOU LAUNCHED PALL-EX IN 1996, WHAT WAS YOUR VISION FOR THE BUSINESS? DID YOU HAVE AN IDEA OF WHAT YOU COULD ACHIEVE IN THE FIRST FIVE YEARS, AND DID YOU ACHIEVE IT?… Mike Barnard I always had a vision of Pall-Ex becoming a top UK and European network. It was my dream. My business plan traded pound for pound for the first three years of its life and exceeded expectations after that! If it helps you get before the decision-maker I am in agreement but there is no substitute for the ability to do the job and convince your potential employer face-to-face that you are the person for the job. This applies to anyone, not only graduates. WHAT’S YOUR TOP TIP FOR HOW TO MAKE IT WORK AS A SINGLE PARENT AND A BUSINESSWOMAN?…Anna Pietrowski WHO WAS YOUR GREATEST INSPIRATION WHEN YOU SET OUT ON YOUR CAREER AND WHAT DID YOU LEARN FROM THEM?… I am afraid that you have to make sacrifices and juggle your work/life balance. I made sure that I was always there for Mev to tuck him into bed at night wherever I had been in the UK. Al Taylor My father, who taught me an enormous amount about life and how to do business (and how not to do business as well). 168

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Hilary's hello
The home office
Dress to impress
The woman at the top
Your guide to education
Intern success
What do you mean?
CV don’ts
The thrill of the search
Money matters
Moving on.
Let’s get medical
Medical know-how
Caring and sharing
A senior moment?
Keeping it clean
Going global
Funeral services
Home sweet home
Constructing a career
As good as new
Power on
Engineering heroes
Changing gear
A bright spark!
Water work
Bank on it
Insure your career
Nice supplies
Get creative!
Don’t sell yourself short
Food for thought
Hilary Devey Q&A
Get connected
Online round-up

Jobs and Careers - Hilary Devey 2012