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ENGINNERING welcome Q up CLOSE AND PErSONAL from How important – and how worthwhile – do you think a degree is now? Should I advise my children not to go to university? SALLY FRENCH It all depends on what they want to do. If their career path is a vocational one then a degree path is essential. I don’t want a doctor who confuses Gray’s Anatomy the textbook with Grey’s Anatomy the TV show! However, if your child is a budding entrepreneur, in some circumstances you can learn more by just getting on with it rather than just spending years studying business. Get much more r Hilary Devey in ou , w exclusive intervie starting on Page 30… Q From what you’ve seen throughout your career is it true that physically attractive people are more likely to be successful? DAVID MELLIE I have never seen a link between looks and business success. Beautiful people might have more luck getting people to listen to them, but if they don’t have anything interesting to say they will fall on their backside as quickly as their ugly counterparts. Beauty is, after all, only skin deep. Q Do you agree that “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” and if so, how much work is too much? STEVEN BACHMAN There is currently a lot of emphasis on the work/ life balance. It is important to make sure that you don’t do one too much to the detriment of the other, but at the same time, some of the most interesting people I know are those who do interesting jobs well. Meet Hilary… To kick off this issue of Jobs & Careers with Hilary Devey, we put some of our readers’ questions to the business titan herself… Q Are we, as an economy, in terminal decline? CHRIS MYDDLETON Terminal is putting it strongly; it is the wrong word to use. The United Kingdom is still in the global top 10 for GDP and in terms of purchasing power. The world is changing, but if there is one thing this country has always been good at it is the potential to adapt business to the changing circumstances. It is distant history, but don’t forget the reason the British Empire was the world’s largest and longest-surviving was that it was an economic empire, not a military one. Q Do you invest in start-ups outside the Dragons’ Den and if so, what kind of thing do you look for in a business before putting your money into it? HELENA SCHWEIZ Yes, I do. I look for a unique proposition and enthusiastic people behind it. I also look for a business that can expand without vast capital expenditure e.g. a business capable of being franchised. Q Can I have a job? STEPHEN GRANTHAM Only if you are good enough.  015

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Ed's letter
Meet Hilary
Dress for success
Bags of style
Onwards and upwards
The path to enlightenment
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Under operation
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Question time
Rising up the ranks
Law and order
Make your search social
On the books
Getting graphic
Sowing the seeds
Making contact
On the move
Going green
Get the cogs turning
Building it up
On the factory floor
Engineering change
Take it up a gear
A rainy-day career
Bank on it
Full house
Talk shop
A clean slate
Hungry work
Quench your thirst
At your leisure
All's fair and square
Head in the clouds
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Jobs and Careers - Hilary Devey 2013