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S 14 TIPthat job using... How to get SOCIAL MEDIA Stuck in a job-search rut? There are more useful purposes to social media than sharing images of cute kittens. When it comes to your job hunt, it's highly likely you're not making the most of the free social platforms. So we've collated the best tips for jobhunting on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to deliver you the latest status updates... 01 Create a LinkedIn profile This social media platform still remains such an underutilised resource by jobseekers, despite the fact that a recent survey by revealed that 93% of job recruiters use LinkedIn to find qualified candidates. If you haven't got yourself one yet, you're significantly limiting your jobhunting market. 02 WORDS: Jessie Bland | PICTURES: Getty Images, Shutterstock Many companies now have bespoke Twitter accounts for recruiting purposes. 062 This account will usually be brimming with the latest vacancies at said company, including advice for applying. This gives you realtime interaction with potential employers, and means you're less likely to miss out on that dream job! What's more, if you have any questions about the roles, you can ping over a tweet to them, and someone's usually ready and waiting to reply. This is also a great way to curtail possible procrastination on Twitter, as soon as you see a job alert, you'll be reminded to keep on the straight and narrow. ia 'Update social med y– accounts regularl onal ofessi cultivating your pr l make il online presence w oyers' you visible to empl @Venn_Group http://www.jobsandcareersmag.com62

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Jobs and Careers - Hilary Devey 2013

Ed's letter
Meet Hilary
Dress for success
Bags of style
Onwards and upwards
The path to enlightenment
On the job
Under operation
Under assessment
Question time
Rising up the ranks
Law and order
Make your search social
On the books
Getting graphic
Sowing the seeds
Making contact
On the move
Going green
Get the cogs turning
Building it up
On the factory floor
Engineering change
Take it up a gear
A rainy-day career
Bank on it
Full house
Talk shop
A clean slate
Hungry work
Quench your thirst
At your leisure
All's fair and square
Head in the clouds
Online round-up
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Jobs & Careers - North West
Jobs & Careers - South East
Jobs & Careers - South East
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Jobs and Careers - Hilary Devey 2013