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FROM UNDERGRAD TO Broaden your horizons, and make the most of your time at uni, if you want to get ahead WORDS: Jessie Bland | PICTURES: Getty Images A 054 lthough many students wouldn't have you believe it: there's more to university life than afternoon pub visits, fancy dress and eating cold beans straight from the tin. As the graduate job market grows ever fiercer – with approximately 83 graduates applying for every job – it's essential that undergraduate students take advantage of the myriad of services and opportunities at hand during those three, or four, all-important years. We understand that looking outwards of student halls may prove an arduous task at times, so we've tracked down the five steps you'll need to follow if you want to become a future leader of the pack. Because if you want to succeed post-university, you're going to need more than your degree certificate in tow… JOIN SOCIETIES check it outxeter Read how E Entrepreneurs are gaining business . experience at www There are dozens of societies at university just waiting for you to join them: from sports teams, to the student newspaper, to volunteering groups. Not only do they provide you with ample opportunity to make new friends and become an active social member of your university, they could actually benefit your job applications after you leave. If you become the chairman of a sports society, for instance, it shows that you're a likeable person, a team player and deemed responsible by others – all great qualities an employer would love to see in a potential employee. If you can see yourself as a future business leader, or think you have the next big invention scribbled on the back of your note pad, why not join an enterprise society? This is a society designed for budding http://www.jobsandcareersmag.com54

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Jobs and Careers - Hilary Devey 2013

Ed's letter
Meet Hilary
Dress for success
Bags of style
Onwards and upwards
The path to enlightenment
On the job
Under operation
Under assessment
Question time
Rising up the ranks
Law and order
Make your search social
On the books
Getting graphic
Sowing the seeds
Making contact
On the move
Going green
Get the cogs turning
Building it up
On the factory floor
Engineering change
Take it up a gear
A rainy-day career
Bank on it
Full house
Talk shop
A clean slate
Hungry work
Quench your thirst
At your leisure
All's fair and square
Head in the clouds
Online round-up
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Jobs and Careers - Hilary Devey 2013