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INSURANCE S… 10 THINGbout a INSURANCE you didn’t know The risk profession is far more complex and wide-reaching than many people realise 01 YOU CAN GET LETTERS AFTER YOUR NAME Once you’ve established yourself in the insurance industry, you can get qualified through the Chartered Institute of Insurance (CII) – although you will need to be a member. For team leaders and those looking to adopt managerial positions in the near future, a Diploma in Insurance will give you a firm grounding in the industry, and the letters Dip CII after your name! 02 YOU CAN EARN A SIGNIFICANT SALARY The average salary of someone working in insurance is £36,999, according to This is a whopping £10,335 more than the average annual salary of full-time employees, which stands at £26,664. 03 YOU WON’T SPEND LATE NIGHTS WORKING WORDS: Jessie Bland | PICTURES: Shutterstock Although there may always be times you need to work extra hours, for many roles in insurance you can do a standard 9-to-5. Some companies may even enable you to work flexi-hours. 04 IT’S A LIFE-LONG INDUSTRY Everyone needs insurance – from holidaymakers to multinationals – which makes insurance a safe bet for career longevity. What's more, it can be a very interconnected market, with lots of opportunity for progression and movement. 05 YOU MAY GET THE CHANCE TO TRAVEL As insurance is a global industry, you may need to visit other countries on business, or even be able to re-locate. 06 YOU DON’T NEED A DEGREE Insurance welcomes employees from all educational backgrounds. So that means school-leavers can complete an apprenticeship as a Broker or Underwriter, qualifying with a diploma and accruing working experience at the same time. 07 IT’S ONE OF THE UK’S SHINING INDUSTRIES The UK risk profession is the largest in Europe and the third largest in the world, accounting for 11% of total worldwide premium income, so there are plenty of opportunities. 08 CURRENT AFFAIRS IS PART OF THE JOB Insurance is an industry immersed in the real-world: current affairs – including political and economical changes – all the way to natural disasters may impact upon your working day. Insurance is part of our daily lives, much more than you probably realise. 09 YOU MIGHT GET A COMPANY CAR If you work in London this, of course, won’t be the case, as the transport infrastructure is so good. But in roles outside the capital, where you're required to drive to visit clients, your employer may offer you a company car as part of your salary package. 10 IT COULD OPEN DOORS IN FINANCE Working in insurance provides you with many skills that can be easily transferred to other roles in financial services businesses, such as an analytical mind, a head for numbers and business acumen, allowing you a greater choice of career in the future. 141

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