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CONTACT CENTRES GET IN CONTACT Head straight to the heart of customer service, and kickstart a career in the contact centre industry. With development opportunities aplenty, it could see you go far... S ome view a job in a call centre as akin to being a battery hen with a headset. But think again. The call centre – more commonly now called the contact centre as it handles the internet and other customer contact points besides the telephone – offers many advantages including flexible working hours (part-time, weekends and evening shifts) which especially suit students, single parents and the semi-retired. It’s a viable option for short-term work but also as a serious career path with a well-sign posted promotional ladder and training available at every level. What's more, the experience working in a contact centre provides in communications, sales, technology and management can easily be transferred to virtually any other future career. 083

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Ed's letter
Meet Hilary
Dress for success
Bags of style
Onwards and upwards
The path to enlightenment
On the job
Under operation
Under assessment
Question time
Rising up the ranks
Law and order
Make your search social
On the books
Getting graphic
Sowing the seeds
Making contact
On the move
Going green
Get the cogs turning
Building it up
On the factory floor
Engineering change
Take it up a gear
A rainy-day career
Bank on it
Full house
Talk shop
A clean slate
Hungry work
Quench your thirst
At your leisure
All's fair and square
Head in the clouds
Online round-up
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Jobs and Careers - Hilary Devey 2013