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| OUTDOOR LIVING| Show ground YOUR GARDEN CAN BE MORE THAN JUST A PLACE THAT GROWS FLOWERS. TRANSFORM IT WITH A UNIQUE ADDITION THAT ADDS O WORDS: Georgina Maric | PHOTOGRAPHS: Getty Images, Shutterstock | STOCKISTS: Go to pg 265 outdoor space is an extra area, a room with no walls which you can really put your stamp of personality on, but that has one of its own, too. Once established, it can be left to do its own thing or controlled, trimmed and hoed every hour – it depends on how you want it to look and feel. Once you’ve really made your garden how you want it, then one of the fun parts is to add those little extras that you’ve always dreamed of, whether that’s decking for al fresco dining or a one off sculpture that will give your garden that special edge. Check out some of these traditional and quirky ideas… > APRIL 2013 | 235 235-238 outdoor livingFINAL.indd 235 1/3/13 15:27:30

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of At Home with Sarah Beeny 2013

Editor's letter
Sarah's Welcome
It's a date
Mellow yellow
Blooming wonderful
Proper copper
Rent revolution
Home upgrade
Leading locations
Property virgins
Safe as houses
On the move
Good on paper
A distressed look
Turn up the heat
Fire it up
Another 48 hours
Something old, something new
Suite dreams
Inside the box
On stylish ground
On the rise
DIY for girls
The blueprint
A glass act
Final draught
Heat beneath your feet
Silent enemies
Real-life renovation
Eco exclusive
Hot stuff
How very cultivated
Turn over a new leaf
Lofty deals
Keep your antenna up
What Sarah says
How bizarre
Colour cocktail
Last word

At Home with Sarah Beeny 2013