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| SLUG| 15 HEATING BENEATH THE FLOOR REVOLUTIONISES YOUR HOME – IT’S TOASTY WARM UNDERFOOT, YET YOU CAN’T SEE A THING WORDS: Georgina Maric | PHOTOGRAPHS: Getty Images 1 reasons to love underfloor heating CLEVER EVOLUTION Underfloor heating extends back to Neolithic times. Asians and Alaskan inhabitants used to draft smoke from fires through stone-covered trenches that led to the floors of their underground dwellings. The hot smoke heated the floor stones and then radiated into the living areas. From this ancient idea, underground heating has now evolved into modern systems using fluid-filled pipes or electrical cables and mats. 2 ROMAN RULES Around 2,000 years ago, when legions of people from Rome moved to the colder north, they realised the growing need to provide winter warmth inside both public and private buildings. At this time an underfloor heating system was already available – the hypocaust, which translates from Greek as ‘heat from below’. These systems allowed hot air to flow underneath floors, which were raised, sitting on brick columns. 3 VERSATILE FEATURES From the more traditionally associated stone or tiled floors to wooden flooring, underfloor heating can be installed under pretty much all types of flooring nowadays. It can even be installed under carpet, providing the tog is 1.5 or less so the heat can penetrate through effectively. You can choose to have it installed in just one room, a specific area of your home or throughout the whole house. 4 EVEN WARMTH Because these systems give an even distribution of heat across the whole room, they are said to be more efficient and, unlike radiator-based heat, there are no cold spots or draughts. Its fans claim it produces the ideal heating temperature for a home and, because it heats a larger surface area from the floor upwards at a lower temperature, it results in a more consistent heat. It also frees up any wall space because you can get rid of some – or all – of your radiators. > HEAT UP TYPICALLY, THE TEMPERATURE OF THE WATER IN AN UNDERFLOOR PIPE IS 45-65ºC, WARMING THE FLOOR TO 25-28ºC APRIL 2013 | 185 185-186 underfloor heating FINAL.indd 185 1/3/13 14:36:38

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