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DIY made easy PAPER-HANGING Before you begin, make sure all old paper and adhesive is removed, and that any nicks in the wall caused by scraping are filled. New plaster should be sealed and left a year before being papered. There are standard methods of laying out a room for papering. The general rule is to start just under one paper width to the side of the largest window, working towards the door. FIRST TIME AT PAPERING? IF YOU DON’T FEEL TOO CONFIDENT, PRACTISE WITH LINING PAPER WANT SOMETHING DONE WELL? DON’T ASK THE MAN AROUND THE HOUSE. IT’S TIME TO PICK UP THOSE TOOLS AND DO IT YOURSELF! 1 MEASURE A COUPLE of centimetres under a width of the wallpaper and pin the top of your chalk line to the top of the wall. Let the weight at the bottom come to rest, then hold it and ping the string of the line – this should leave a chalk line imprinted on the wall (because the string line is covered in chalk). Use this mark as a guide to line up your paper. If you are using a traditional plumb line, mark the line with a pencil. 2 CHECK THE HEIGHT of the wall from ceiling to skirting, and then roll out the paper on your pasting table, and cut with scissors, allowing an extra 10cm on top of the length required. If it is very tightly rolled paper it may just roll itself up again when you cut it – in which case roll it back on itself the other way to keep it straight. 3 PASTE THE PAPER starting at one end, and make sure the paste goes over the edge of the paper, moving the paste around as necessary. Position the edge of the paper at the edge of the table to stop paste from going onto the table (be sure to clean the table before you prepare the next strip). > APRIL 2013 | 157 157-160 DIYfinal.indd 157 5/3/13 12:31:28

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It's a date
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Proper copper
Rent revolution
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Safe as houses
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Another 48 hours
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DIY for girls
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Final draught
Heat beneath your feet
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Turn over a new leaf
Lofty deals
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What Sarah says
How bizarre
Colour cocktail
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