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to buy or not to buy? There’s not much that property queen and TELEVISION presenter, Sarah Beeny, doesn’t know about being a homeowner. however, here, She reveals why buying a house is not as important as you think. there’s money to be made in renting! W ould you pay £47 for a roast chicken? Thought not. But this staggering amount is how much your favourite Sunday dinner staple would cost if food prices rose as fast as house prices have in the past 30 years. With this in mind, we asked TV property guru and guest editor, Sarah Beeny, just what is the positive spin – if there is one – on the deep, dark world of property in 2013 – and exactly how we got here… ‘Well firstly, as we all know, there was a terribly rapid and pretty scary property boom, which made everything blow up really quickly. Debt on debt culture fuelled this until, inevitably, it all came crashing down. Really, it was all just built on a deck of cards,’ says Sarah. ‘However, in more recent times, there are areas that have had a mini boom again, particularly in some parts of London – I feel this is for two reasons. The areas that are relatively buoyant are either due to genuine growth, better travel connections or growing businesses that create further employment where more people want to buy property. ‘Or, in some places, foreign investment which arguably is not good for the local economy or community in the medium to long-term. Prices being sky high is not a good thing, though. The best situation for the majority of the population of the UK is a nice, steady market that rises slowly in line with inflation. ‘There is a strong argument against buying especially if it cripples you financially. However, if you can afford it, redecorating your own home is a hobby many people find massively rewarding. I am not sure I see a great deal of movement coming in the market in the near future, so I think Britain will stay where it is for a while.’ Should you rent? Last time at home caught up with Sarah, she revealed that we, as a nation, might sometimes be better > Words: Lynne Maxwell | Photographs: John Carey | hair and make-up: Kim Kiefer | stylist: Gemma Shanley (that is the question) 034 | APRIL 2013 34-38 Sarah interview.FINAL.indd 34 4/3/13 11:02:26

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