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Yorkshire economy SPONSORED BY Yorkshire: a versatile and valuable economy Yorkshire is known as God’s own county, which conjures up images of rolling moors and historic cities. And while tourism is a major player in the local economy, the region has a diverse business base that blends traditional industries with cutting-edge technologies. The foundations of Yorkshire business can be found in the textile mills of Leeds and Bradford and the steel manufacturing plants in and around Sheffield. Yet Yorkshire has adapted over time, especially in the past 20 years. Today, it is a hub for financial services, healthcare technology and digital media, among many other modern industries. The economic future may be challenging but there are some major opportunities heading Yorkshire’s way. The opening of the huge Trinity Leeds shopping and leisure centre in March will push the city up the retail rankings, while offshore wind energy is breathing new life into Hull and the Humber. Over the next few pages, we will examine the changing landscape of Yorkshire, while exploring the untapped potential in the region. Why Yorkshire? Insider editor Richard Abbott asks PwC’s Roger Marsh and Arif Ahmad to outline the versatility of the regional economy and how government policy, international trade and innovation are shaping its future. 3

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Yorkshire and Humber plc 2013
Economy at a Glance
In Focus… Yorkshire
In Focus… Leeds City Region
In Focus… Sheffield City Region
In Focus… Hull and the Humber
In Focus… York and North Yorkshire
International Trade
Knowledge and Skills
Food and Drink

Yorkshire and Humber plc 2013