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Economy at a glance Yorkshire is huge. But don’t just take our word for it. Roll your mouse or finger over this page to discover exactly why our region is a power player across so many sectors. While the last few years have provided a challenging climate for businesses, with funding and business support both cut back, Yorkshire companies have been able to call upon a sizeable labour market and a pool of highly skilled graduates from the region’s impressive universities. Our region also boasts some of the country’s best-known businesses, from supermarket brands Asda and Morrisons to energy giant Drax and market leaders such as Arla Foods and CLICK FOR McCain Foods. KEY STATS Yorkshire is also a hotspot for companies with the potential AT A to grow as the economy recovers. It has the second highest GLANCE proportion of ‘business champions’ (small companies with rapid growth potential) in England, according to Experian. Heather Jackson is one of Yorkshire’s business champions, and chief executive of The Women’s Business Forum, which is setting the national agenda on increasing the participation of women within the hierarchy of organisations. She says the best thing about living and working in Yorkshire is the fresh air. “Working in London three days a week, I really appreciate getting off the platform at Wakefield train station.” Martin Mansell, managing director of Leeds-based Stress Free Airport Parking, adds: “Having worked in Yorkshire-based businesses for many years, I’d say we have an excellent balance of being passionate and doing great work but not taking ourselves too seriously. We also brew the best ale!” Q&A “We are based in Sheffield, which means I can be in the stunning Peak District in just a few minutes, or in the thriving centre of the city.” GERALDINE FINN Managing director, MyJobGroup.co.uk Who are we talking to? Geraldine Finn, managing director of MyJobGroup.co.uk, the UK’s largest network of regional job boards, based in Sheffield. What’s the best thing about living and working in Yorkshire? It’s impossible to name just one! First of all, it’s the people – they’ve been so welcoming, have a great attitude and I love the Yorkshire sense of humour. I’ve been lucky enough to work all over the world and have been really impressed by the fantastic work ethic of Yorkshire residents and the general buzz surrounding businesses in the region. MyJobGroup.co.uk is headquartered in Sheffield, which means I can be in the stunning Peak District in just a few minutes, or in the thriving centre of the city. Yorkshire offers that brilliant blend of rural and urban landscapes that you just don’t find anywhere else. And last but by no means least, Henderson’s Relish. I have come to like it so much that I have been known to bring it home with me to Ireland! What’s your best bit of business advice? Give people clear objectives and believe in them. Good business is all about developing trust between the various members of a team and empowering people to do the best they can. 2 http://MyJobGroup.co.uk http://MyJobGroup.co.uk http://MyJobGroup.co.uk

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Yorkshire and Humber plc 2013
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Yorkshire and Humber plc 2013