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Key sector Manufacturing The centenary of stainless steel takes place in 2013. This is the perfect moment to celebrate the achievements of manufacturers in Yorkshire, but also to look forward at the tremendous potential of the region. For centuries, Yorkshire has been perceived as a gritty, industrial place with men in overalls sweating by furnaces, turning out steel and textiles. That’s all firmly in the past. Today, Yorkshire’s manufacturers are at the cutting edge of technology, with precision engineers creating products that meet the needs of buyers across the world. You might be able to make it cheaper overseas, they say, but you can’t necessarily make it better. Manufacturing is a sector that many people believe will help lift the UK economy back into growth. And while it can’t achieve that alone, it is fundamental to our economic prospects. The build-up of bad news from the eurozone has had a big impact on confidence levels, but factories are still busy and order books remain healthy. Andy Tuscher, regional director for Yorkshire at EEF, the manufacturers’ organisation, said: “Manufacturers are holding steady and displaying the same resilience and agility they have displayed in response to a number of unforeseen events in recent years. Despite the problems closer to home, they are building on successful strategies to access growth opportunities in new markets.” Effectively communicating the innovation and energy that goes into local manufacturing will help to encourage more young people into the industry at a time when many employers are concerned about where the next generation of skilled workers will come from. We asked Richard Bunter, head of manufacturing at business advisory firm PwC, and Martin McKervey, a partner at law firm Nabarro, to outline the key issues facing companies in the manufacturing sector SPONSORED BY 15

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Yorkshire and Humber plc 2013
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Yorkshire and Humber plc 2013