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Y orkshireandHumberPLC Welcome to Yorkshire and Humber PLC – our essential guide to business in the region. This year, we have switched from our usual printed supplement to this unique, interactive digital document. As you navigate through the pages, you will find exclusive videos featuring some of our region’s leading business advisers. We have also packed in plenty of insightful data and analysis, as you would expect from Insider. We have designed this as a handy inward investment guide that can remain on your computer all year round. Alongside features on all of our city regions, we also turn the spotlight on the key industry sectors that are set to drive the local economy forward. So roll your mouse (or your finger) around and see what you find. We think this is an exciting new format, and we hope you agree. Richard Abbott Editor, Yorkshire Business Insider www.yorkshirebusinessinsider.com ECONOMY AT A GLANCE Key statistics and data on Yorkshire IN FOCUS… YORKSHIRE The region that’s bigger than a small country IN FOCUS… LEEDS CITY REGION A hub for financial and professional services IN FOCUS… SHEFFIELD CITY REGION From manufacturing to marketing, your total guide IN FOCUS… HULL AND THE HUMBER On the cusp of a renewables revolution RICHARD ABBOTT Editor, Yorkshire Business Insider IN FOCUS… YORK AND NORTH YORKSHIRE Tourism and technology in the rural north INTERNATIONAL TRADE Next stop the world – your guide to export richard.abbott@newsco.com MANUFACTURING Why so many choose to make it in Yorkshire KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS Top universities train Yorkshire’s next generation @richardinsider FOOD AND DRINK The food capital of the UK ENERGY Yorkshire could be a national leader 2 3 6 9 11 12 13 15 18 21 24 1 http://www.yorkshirebusinessinsider.com

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Yorkshire and Humber plc 2013

Yorkshire and Humber plc 2013
Economy at a Glance
In Focus… Yorkshire
In Focus… Leeds City Region
In Focus… Sheffield City Region
In Focus… Hull and the Humber
In Focus… York and North Yorkshire
International Trade
Knowledge and Skills
Food and Drink

Yorkshire and Humber plc 2013