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Key sector Energy With some of the world’s biggest power stations, refineries and chemical facilities, Yorkshire stands at the forefront of the energy sector. Yet with growing fears about rising energy demand and the environmental impact of our dependence on fossil fuels, the industry is facing seismic change. The focus has switched to nuclear power and renewable energy sources such as wind, tidal, biomass and solar power. Yorkshire is well placed to take advantage of the growth of the renewables industry, with 5,000 wind turbines in the North Sea and tidal generators in the Humber. The £210m Green Port Hull scheme at the city’s Alexandra Docks was approved by planners in 2012. The collaboration between Associated British Ports (ABP) and Siemens is expected to generate hundreds of jobs in the region, with knock-on benefits for local manufacturers and service providers. Meanwhile, our coal-fired plants are also turning their thoughts to biomass generation. Over the next two pages, we will examine some of the big issues around energy supply – and how startups and established companies in Yorkshire are evolving to stay at the heart of the matter. If we are to reduce carbon emissions, we must find an energy source that is cost effective and secure. In a video discussion, Jonathan Cohen and Tim Shaw of law firm Nabarro discuss this point with Mark O’Reilly of Team Humber Marine Alliance. SPONSORED BY 24

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Yorkshire and Humber plc 2013
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Yorkshire and Humber plc 2013