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TalenTspoTTing Yvonne Williams is MD of MDA Executive Resourcing and a board member of the NOA (not to mention a member of the Outsource Editorial Board). As such, she has a perspective from the heart of the industry on one of the biggest issues facing it: the talent-acquisition question… outsource: Yvonne, let’s kick off with a little background on your role at the NOA. Yvonne Williams: I’m coming up to the last year of my second three-year term on the NOA Board. During that time I’ve been responsible for individual professional development, the HR working party and launched the NOA Pathway. Currently I’m working to launch the Fellow initiative which is for leaders in the outsourcing world who can inspire others. I am also looking to run the Pathway programme across Spain and France. o: So looking at talent within outsourcing o: And you’ve been working closely with Chris Halward who heads up the Pathway programme? YW: That’s absolutely right. I led the selection process to source the training provider for the NOA Pathway initiative and we chose True North, of which Chris is the training director. is something at the heart of what you do at the NOA. Do you think there is a sufficient degree of expertise in outsourcing currently – or is there a bit of a scrabble for people who are actually good enough to be doing the job? YW: There’s certainly more talent around now than there was: In my day job, as owner of MDA Executive Resourcing, I’ve been specialising in outsourcing for over ten years. When I first started recruiting in this industry there was a deficit of experienced people – but one would expect that because outsourcing was relatively immature. As outsourcing has developed as a well-recognised business tool there are more high-quality and experienced practitioners around. One of the reasons we developed the NOA qualification was to ensure that professionals working in the industry could follow best-practice guidelines, with a qualification underpinned by a UK university. It was sometimes difficult for recruiters to ascertain the degree of practical and technical involvement somebody had in an outsourcing deal. In extreme cases it felt as though the candidate had been listening to what their colleagues were doing in the next room, with no practical knowledge whatsoever! We designed a qualification that created a valuable input and practical contribution to the outsourcing industry. Now, I’m getting CVs through from candidates with the qualifications highlighted. I see this as a real achievement. Generally speaking outsourcing suppliers have a much better-qualified and more experienced workforce, and the same can be said for advisory firms. It is the endusers – especially those who are novices to outsourcing – that still have a talent deficit. For more information on MDA Executive Resourcing see www.mallarddrake.co.uk 74 www.outsourcemagazine.co.uk ● ● ● http://www.mallarddrake.co.uk http://www.outsourcemagazine.co.uk

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